Tips for Ensuring You have the Best Ecommerce Website

Ensuring You Have the Best Ecommerce Website

Tips for Ensuring You have the Best Ecommerce Website | JillAlexa.com

The internet is a big place, with many e-commerce sites having plenty of competitors to compete against. Because of this, it’s so important you are on your a-game every day, ensuring you offer the best possible service as well as product possible. If not, you’ll soon be swept under the carpet, with your customers choosing a competitor over you, when they require your offering.

So how do you ensure you have the best e-commerce website possible? This can be done in a number of ways.

Do you consider your site to be well-designed?  Is it optimized for mobile?  Do you regularly update your content?   Is your site optimized for search?  And of course, when setting up payment on the website, have you chosen the best?  Your payment wall is so important as this is where your customers pay for your products.

Below are our tips for ensuring you have the best ecommerce website.

3 Quick Tips for Ensuring You Have the Best Ecommerce Website

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1. Has your site been well designed? 

When you look at your site, do you think it has been well designed? Why not send out a survey to your customers asking them to rate your site out of ten? You could ask for feedback as well as any things they would like to see on your site that may help them in the future. To entice feedback, offer a prize that one of the survey entries will win – the prize doesn’t have to be huge, maybe a £50 gift voucher on Amazon. Although a bigger prize like a hotel stay in London may encourage more people to give feedback.

Are you setting up an ecommerce website? Here are 3 tips to ensure it's the best ecommerce site it can be so you can start bringing in sales while you sleep.2. Is your E-commerce site optimized for mobile?

This is something that is essential and all modern-day websites should have – especially if they are e-commerce sites. If you had your website created many years back, then it may not be mobile-optimized. To check, simply load it up in a mobile browser and see if it changes to suit the mobile you are using. If you have had your website optimized for mobile, it may be worth running it through Google’s page insights to see how it performs. It may be that you have some updates that you can apply to improve it.

3. Do you regularly update your content?

No matter the business you run, whether it’s a restaurant, a gym, a builder’s merchant, or an online e-commerce site, you want to ensure you regularly update your content. As a customer landing on your website, there will be nothing more frustrating than having old information – especially if the prices aren’t correct. Whenever you get a moment, take a read through your site and ensure it’s all up-to-date. If you have older pages that you published, these may be the best place to start – especially if they are time-sensitive pieces.

What tips for ensuring you have the best e-commerce website would you recommend? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Is there anything we haven’t included that you think we should add? Let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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