How to Prioritize Your Wellbeing in Busy Times

Prioritize Your Wellbeing

How to Prioritize Your Wellbeing in Busy Times

So many people find themselves constantly busy. When you work and try to juggle family life, there’s often no time left over for much else. While being caught up in the hustle and bustle of family life is something that can be joyous, it can also be pretty tough.

Never having time for yourself and to take care of your needs can get you down. A complete lack of time can leave you feeling low in energy and completely depleted.

But when you have no choice but to keep plodding on through life knowing how to fix this can seem like a challenge too far.

The problem is that over time, you may discover that you start to feel pretty lousy when your life is always so full-on. Getting run down can mean that you start picking up every bug that’s going around.

So, you’re left dealing with a busy life and not feeling your best. Something’s got to really change.

You probably know that but just don’t know how. These five quick easy tips will help you to prioritize your wellbeing so that you don’t sacrifice your health even in busy times.

5 Quick Easy Ways to Prioritize Your Wellbeing in Busy Times

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1. Give yourself five

Even if your day is super, super busy, it’s usually still possible to fit in five minutes for some peace. You see when you’re really rushed off your feet, there’s going to be moments when you’re panicking and not being productive.

Instead of continuing your day in this frenzy of stress, this is your opportunity to pause. Stopping for just five minutes to grab a coffee and collect your thoughts can be just the thing you need.

This allows you to collect your thoughts and think logically about what you need to do next. Things usually feel a whole lot better after you’ve taken five minutes for yourself.

How to Prioritize Your Wellbeing in Busy Times | prioritize your wellbeing pin2. Schedule health checks in advance

Neglecting our own health because we’re so busy is a common theme with parents. After all, your kids become your priority and your own needs get pushed down the to-do list. But the problem with this is, who’s going to take care of everyone when you’re unwell?

Making time for your own health is essential. Especially if you’re always the one doing everything for your family.

So ensuring that your health is taken care of matters. If you notice that you’re feeling unwell, try to get this fixed rather than trying to keep pushing through. In the long term, this will be so much better for yourself and your family.

Keeping up to date with all your health checks is always important.  Only, trying to fit them into your schedule is a massive challenge.

Whether you need to have a hearing exam for new hearing aids or an eye test for a new eyeglass prescription, ensure you don’t miss these appointments.

Scheduling these appointments way in advance and adding them to your calendar right away is the best way to ensure you go to them. Your health and wellbeing is too important to sacrifice.

3. Savour life

Get outdoors for 5 minutes if you can, even if it’s to hang out the laundry, and while you’re there take a few seconds to savour the fact that you’re alive and well.

Take a few deep breaths, and listen to the sounds of nature around you.

Send up a little prayer of thanks and appreciation.

4. Walk and talk

Turn as many of your business meetings or social interactions as you can into walking meetings instead of just seated occasions.   That way you’ll eat less and exercise more.

Just 20 to 30 minutes of walking a day can do wonders for your health.

5. Be mindful of what you eat and drink

Keep a glass or bottle of water handy all day so that you can aim to get in your 8 glasses a day.

Keep colourful fruit and berries, or dried fruit and nuts, at hand so that you snack on healthy bites rather than reaching for unhealthy treats.  Switching daily habits from bad to good makes all the difference and doesn’t take a second more out of your busy day.

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