5 Most Commonplace Personal Injury Cases

5 Most Commonplace Personal Injury Cases | commonplace personal injury cases

5 Most Commonplace Personal Injury Cases

In this post, I will share 5 of the most commonplace personal injury cases that usually require the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Millions of people need medical attention each year for various personal injuries. And for some claims are filed, and rightly so.

For example, even when you are doing something you do on a regular basis, such as collecting your art supplies, you may be involved in a car accident.

Or you could have a slip-and-fall accident while picking up a few groceries at the shop due to negligence on behalf of the cleaning staff.   Injuries can happen unexpectedly and could have a lasting impact on your life.

Personal injury claims rest on the type of injuries that were sustained. Not all of these claims are the same.

5 Most Commonplace Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Law

Here are examples of some of the most commonplace personal injury cases that require a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer. KFB Law has a team of professionals who are accustomed to handling different personal injury claims to ensure you get the best possible outcome and compensation.


Car accidents are number one on the list when it comes to the most commonplace personal injury cases.

Millions of people are getting seriously injured in car accidents every year. Several decide to pursue personal injury claims to receive compensation.

Some accidents happen because of DUIs or careless drivers who are distracted with their phones while driving.

This could involve anything from trucks, cars, buses, motorbikes, and even pedestrians who sustained an injury because of a negligent driver.

It is not always easy to prove whose fault the accident was, and in such cases, it is essential that the victim have professional legal representation.


Injuries can happen unexpectedly so here are 5 examples of the most commonplace personal injury cases that require an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Slip and fall incidents can be misleadingly dangerous.

They are often the cause of injuries to the back, neck, legs, arms, shoulders, and sometimes heads.

Hip fractures and injury to the brain are regularly the result of falls and could cause the victim to be out of work for prolonged periods.

Sometimes they sustain debilitating injuries that could impact their entire lives. In such instances, having professional legal representation is a necessity.


Negligence by doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, or medical malpractice can result in severe injuries.

Most medical malpractice injury claims are due to healthcare professionals not delivering competent medical care

It could be due to unintentional human error.  Irrespective, the patient is left with severe injuries that could impact their lives adversely for many years and in some cases, forever.

These claims can be complicated and could involve birth injuries, surgical mistakes, improper treatment, misdiagnosis, and pharmaceutical errors.


Every country has crime statistics and violent crimes committed with the use of guns or knives are not uncommon. Many of these cases of assault result in personal injury claims

Unlike other commonplace types of personal injury cases, assaults are intentional and not because of negligence.

Injury from assault happens when one person decides to inflict injury on someone else. Usually, an assault personal injury case will entail an extra criminal aspect case against the guilty party.


Workplace-related personal injury claims are filed by workers who got injured on the job.

These injuries might happen due to unsafe working conditions, insufficient training, or equipment that may have malfunctioned.

Work-related injuries fall under the worker’s Compensation Act.

Once injured workers file for personal injury claims, they seek compensation for missed income, medical expenses, etc.

Here are just some jobs that have a high number of work-related injuries.

  • Window Cleaners of high-rise buildings
  • Nursing Assistants
  • Construction workers
  • material movers
  • labourers
  • Long-distance drivers.

According to law, employers have to provide benefits to injured workers and offer a lump sum benefit in an instance of permanent or partial disability.

This is where a worker’s compensation attorney would be the best option for getting a worthy settlement.


These are five of the most commonplace personal injury cases.

Most personal injuries are unintentional and can happen to anyone.

If you have sustained injury and have probable cause for filing a personal injury claim, be sure to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you in court and get the best possible outcome.

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