Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business with These Added Services

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Bringing foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar business is a challenge, especially in the digital age. It’s often a struggle to get people to visit you, even when you provide a product or service that might not be so easy to get online. But if you want to increase your customers and sales, you should think about what you can add to your business to attract more people.

One thing you can consider is what services you could implement that might draw in more people. There are various handy services, many of which people might need or want to access in person. They might help take care of various life admin tasks or provide niceties that people are looking for when they’re out and about.

Here are 8 value-adding services that could be easy to install to increase foot traffic to your business.

Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business with These 8 Added Services

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1. Photo Booth

Photo booths can serve a couple of purposes. There’s the slightly boring one, allowing people to get photos for their passports, driver’s licenses, and more. And then they can also be fun, attracting people who want to take photos with friends, partners, or even just on their own. A photo booth doesn’t take up that much space and it can provide a useful service for a lot of people. Although there are other ways to get acceptable photos for printed ID, sometimes the easiest option is to use the standard photo booth printing to get them right.

2. Key Cutting

Key cutting is another useful service that you could add to your business, and it’s not one that needs to be manned by anyone. Key-cutting machines enable people to cut their own keys quickly and affordably. The machine will scan the original key and then create a copy for the customer to take home. Like a photo booth, a key-cutting machine doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. They can provide user-friendly interfaces with touch screens so they’re easy to use. But it can be useful to have a member of staff trained in how to use your machine too.

3. Money Services

Certain money services are a good idea to add to your business premises. One example is the option of an ATM, which people can use to withdraw money, check their bank balance, and more. If you want to find out how to own an ATM, there’s plenty of information available.

You can use an ATM operator to provide you with the machine, and you will earn a portion of the surcharge. With the right provider, you can have the machine placed for free and they will both supply the cash and service the machine for you. You won’t have to do much to maintain it, but it will help to bring in more revenue by increasing potential customers.

4. Food and Drink

Food and drink options are another great way to draw people in. The easiest way to provide something like this is through a vending machine or an automated machine. For example, a coffee machine can allow people to select and pour their own drinks, either paying for them on the spot or taking them to the cash register with their other purchases. Of course, these machines will need to be maintained and cleaned. You could also choose to serve food or drink more directly, but that can get a little more complicated. You will need staff to do this for you, which makes providing the service more expensive.

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5. Lockers/Storage

Handy places to store things can be a really useful service to offer. This could be especially smart if your business is located somewhere people might need to store luggage, such as an airport, bus station, or train station. Lockers can allow them to store their bags for the day, or maybe even longer. You could provide lockers of different sizes so that people are able to store various things. They can be coin-operated as a simple way to allow people to choose a locker and ensure they return the key. More modern locker options are available too, including those that use smart technology.

Promoting your brick-and-mortar business can be a challenge in today's digital age. Here are 8 value-adding services  to increase foot traffic to your business.6. Parcel Collection and Delivery

On a similar theme to offering storage lockers, you could also consider having parcel collection and delivery from your business. Having lockers on site is one way to do this. For example, Amazon lockers allow people to pick up their packages whenever it’s convenient for them. You could also consider offering manual delivery and collection with any of the several package delivery companies. Customers can bring their packages to be collected later or can come and pick up anything they have sent to your collection point.

7. Device Charging

Device charging is another option that can be similar to lockers. People often need somewhere to quickly charge their devices, including phones, tablets, and more. Smaller lockers with integrated charging points can be really useful to anyone who is running low on battery. They can plug in their device, secure it, and come back when it’s charged. This is a great option for encouraging more business. While their device charges, someone might choose to take a look at what you have to offer, giving you a chance to increase your sales.

8. Printing

While plenty of people still own printers, not everyone has one anymore. In a world that’s trying to be increasingly paperless, it’s not always worth it to have one at home. But then on the occasion someone does need to print something, they can find themselves at a loss. Instead of having to own a printer for the one time, they need to print something each year, it’s handy if they can head to a nearby store and have their documents printed out for them instead. If you offer parcel delivery, you can have label printing alongside that.

You can also install a kiosk designed for printing photos, which can be a draw for people who might want to turn some of their digital photos into physical copies.

By adding more services to your business, it could increase foot traffic. Think about what services could complement your existing business.

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