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Life is full of surprises and I have come to understand and believe that #fortunecomesinmanyguises.


Learning new skillsNot in my wildest dreams did I ever think that having missed the computer age, I would, in my retirement years, be starting out on a new and very exciting business venture – online.

As someone who was scared even to open up the laptop kindly given to me by my son and daughter-in-law so that I would be able to do online transactions, should I ever be that brave, and for many months the laptop went unopened and unused.

Had I realized how creative the online business would turn out to be, I feel sure nothing would have stopped me from opening it up and begin learning how to use it. I am certain that there is so much more I could do with it and hope to keep on learning all I can.

Until now, all my business ventures, and there have been many, have been in the creative field. A lifetime of really exciting business ventures.

All of which was to meet the needs of my growing family and also the community in which we lived at the time. We did move around quite a lot. As the children grew up and their needs were changing so did the business ventures.

What I found most exciting was that each business venture had the potential to grow a side business.

When I had my own gym, I also made and sold leotards, tracksuits, sweatbands, or whatever else I could think of.

This was a great way to release the creativity inside of me. This I did for 18 years and loved every moment.

**Affiliate Disclaimer:  This post contains Affiliate Links. Should you choose to join me at Wealthy Affiliate and upgrade to Premium Membership, I will earn a commission.  You can join Free.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate just over one and a half years ago, to enable me to learn all I could about the online world and about Affiliate Marketing, I did wonder if I would be able to cope but soon found that the training is so good that even a novice like me, could understand it.

The amazing thing is that age is no barrier. Have learned that although I am 75, (believe it or not), I don’t know everything. There is a whole world out there, I know nothing about but am willing to learn.

My fellow members and friends on Wealthy Affiliate are of all ages and from all over the world. This makes for such interesting posts to read and the ability to learn from their experiences as well.

Learning to use Canva and being able to take my own photographs and turn them into Pinterest Pins which suits the Niche I have chosen, which is Art. Craft, Sewing, and Lifestyle have encouraged me to get my husband’s lovely camera out and learn to use that as well.

So this is really bringing out the creative side of my new business.

Just as with all the other entrepreneurial ventures I have been involved in over the years, there are many spin-offs with Wealthy Affiliate. Not only can I earn from Affiliate Marketing but have written sponsored posts and been paid for them.

I have had the immense pleasure of interviewing Artists and quilters, viewing revamped Guest Houses, being asked to speak at a function, which I had the courage to accept, and then being able to write about these experiences.

Had I not joined Wealthy Affiliate and found my place in this new online world, I would not have had the courage to do any of these things.


Unless we inherit a fortune or win the Lotto, we need to work to earn a living. Doctor on the job

What we choose to do is not always entirely up to us. Sometimes, it is our parents who guide us in the way in which they would like us to go.

This may not necessarily be what you, in your heart own heart, believe is right for you.

If you have had the opportunity of going to University to study further you will have many more options open to you. Well, it should work that way but, what if the very thing you studied is not what satisfies you?

It may be in later years you want or need to change direction in your heart-working career and then you will find that there are preconceived ideas that get in your heart way.

Due to our formative years, we carry a lot of thoughts and feelings of our self-worth, capability, fear of failure, etc. embedded into our very beings. We carry these with us, mostly to our detriment.

If you have experienced the good fortune of having been brought up with love and the encouragement to try new things then coping with any change would not be a problem.

Not to feel judged if things don’t turn out exactly as they should, but always praised for what went right and for the courage you have shown in trying in the first place.

We are not born with these fears, we learn them from our experience growing up.

Sometimes we are blessed with positive feedback, but sadly, often negative.


The amazing thing is that we can choose what to believe about ourselves. Remember whatever your heart age, upbringing, or baggage you have had to carry, we all have the potential for greatness.

This realization makes it possible to be more accepting of others, and have empathy with those still finding their career path and passion.

If you are unhappy with what you are doing why don’t you change direction and join Wealthy Affiliate?

Perhaps you are computer-literate which would make this 10x easier than I did, You would be able to whizz through the training and become a really smart Affiliate Marketer in no time at all.


You may be just like me, an absolute novice who needs a challenge in life, or something new and exciting, then take the plunge and join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

It really is not too early or too late to follow your heart dreams.


Where to work?

With all the talk about the number of people out of work and many of them school-leavers, it puzzles me why more people don’t explore the online options available.

Sure, the legitimate programs expect you to put in the effort to achieve results but it is after all a business opportunity and this would be your business wouldn’t you expect anyone who works for you in your business to actually work?

Well, that person working in your business is you.

I am not talking about the “get rich schemes” but honest options that would suit anyone, whatever age they may be.

One of the many joys of working online is that you may do this from home, in your heart pajamas if you want to in the winter months.

No more battling through the unbearable morning traffic. Having to take orders or doing a job you are not enjoying.

If you feel alone, cut off from other people while working from home, there are so many places to go to work where one will find others busy on their computers and usually, they have free WiFi which is a boon when you find yours is running out towards the end of the month.

There is a good deal of coffee shops set up with workstations and plug points. It is a way for them to increase the number of people coming in to support their business.


You can stay as you are or you can change your heart position in life. Not only by learning more about the world around you but by earning money to explore the world around you.

My choice was to join Wealthy Affiliate and to learn all I could. To become a couch potato is just not an option for me.


Wealthy Affiliate is an online training University that was started 14 years ago by Kyle and Carson. Their aim was to teach as many people as possible to understand how to use the web and become financially free.

This is definitely not a “get-rich scheme” but a genuine business opportunity.

These are just some of the many things you will learn to do as you go through the training

  • Website development – to have this done for you is a costly business, so much better to do it yourself.
  • Write content – this will be on the very things you are passionate about which makes it a lot easier and fun.
  • SEO Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Design images for Social Media – When you get to grips with Canva, this is such a rewarding tool to have.
  • Keyword Research – by choosing the right keywords using Jaaxy, your heart content will be more appealing and so more people will read what you have written and your content might very well be ranked in Google.
  • Social Media Management

Once you have gone through the online training, actually, even while you are going through the training you are becoming a presence online by using the wonderful tools I have just listed, you may even have some of the posts that you write recognized by Google.

The more effort you put into the process of learning, the more you will benefit.

There are many business options in the online world and you will learn about them as you proceed through the amazing training.


  1. This is a great way to become debt free or to increase your heart income.
  2. To gain knowledge. Perhaps you missed the computer age and this is something you are interested in learning about, this is the way to go.
  3. If you are in a job at the moment and then the money you earn can supplement your income, or if you are a pensioner on a fixed income, as I am then the extra money certainly comes in handy.
  4. There are many benefits to working online, one that I really love, is that if you have a laptop, can travel. It is such a pleasure not being tied down to a desk all day but being able to work anywhere your heart desires. (Within the budget, of course.)
  5. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will have the benefit of working with the most encouraging and helpful people, this is something that I think is unique about Wealthy Affiliate.


If you are reading this review and are interested in finding out more, then just click on the Wealthy Affiliate banner below and see how you can change your life forever.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today. Starter Membership is Free.

This is free so don’t worry that by signing you will be committed to ongoing costs.

Have a look at the program and see if it is for you and if you want to work on learning more about the online world.


There is no joining fee, no cost at all unless you want to join as a Premium Member which enables you to have more free websites which you might want to have as you expand your business.

You can change to Premium Member status at any time and then the cost is either $49 per month or $359 per year.

My choice was to join as a Premium Member straight away as I was determined to invest that into a new business and knew it would pay dividends if I applied myself which I may not have done, had I not made that commitment.





Jill Alexa

Jill of all Trades. Master of Many. Too busy to die.


  1. I agree with you about all the side ventures that Wealthy Affiliate opens up for you. When I joined last year it was to learn affiliate marketing from the number one training course online Wealthy Affiliate. What I got instead was a pleasant surprise. Copywriting skills, SEO skills,web design skills and so much more. Not only that for the same low price they offer world class hosting for up to 50 websites with SSL. No upsells! unheard of in the online world. Best decision I ever made as I can and will be funding my retirement years now with all the skill sets I have learned with this platform.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thank you so much for commenting and I fully agree, it is the best platform to be on the learn so much.

      We have been able to learn things we did not dream about a few years ago.

      Wishing you all the very best,


  2. Wow! I applaud you for jumping into the crazy digital online world at 75! That takes some bravado as it can be overwhelming to someone who didn’t grow up with a smartphone in one hand. And to start a website business too! If you can do it, we all can right?! We’re never too old. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring story!

    • Hi Selenity Jade,

      Thank you so much for the lovely comments. This is such fun to be able to learn something new and I will never regret doing this.

      Wishing you all the best.

      Kind regards,


  3. I am in the same position as you.  I was totally computer illiterate and had great difficulty getting started.  I really had no clue as to what I needed to do.  I finally found wealthy affiliate and agree with it that it is a great site and I have and still am learning a lot from them.  If there are others that are retired or just want to start their own business I hope they will do so.  Good article.

    • Hi Sandy, We are so very fortunate to join this amazing company and and although we were not used to this way of working we are able to learn and be encouraged by one another.

      Wishing you all the best,


  4. Hi Jill

    I have been reading this post with a big smile on my face. It’s really good and it is like reading the headlines of your life story. 

    And what I understand is that life is not a straight forward journey. What we choose to do today may not happen tomorrow. But what we learn today can serve us for the future. I studied to become a lawyer but life happened I only practiced for year. Here I am in a place where my studies doesn’t count. But I learned to be curious, to adapt and take time to get the necessary knowledge.

    So, when I found wealthy affiliate I knew I was at the right place but I wasn’t ready to give it a chance. Because I wanted to try a get rich quick scheme. Four years later, I came back and I am happy to be here building my business. And enjoying a great community support.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Adyn,

      We do have the most amazing support group here on Wealthy Affiliate which makes this such a joy to be able to work with so many great people.

      People who inspire and encourage us as we learn what it is all about.

      May I wish you all the very best,

      Kind regards,


  5. Wow good for you! Great to see you are able to put all that experience into an online business now. This is really inspirational for those who feel they might not have the knowledge to create something online. Wealthy Affiliate is a tried and true platform especially for those who are not so confident in such areas. How true it is that members are of all ages and experience levels. Art is a fantastic niche and there are many resources out there like Canva with which to create amazing things. You are a true inspiration at 76 and a testament to what can be done through affiliate marketing. Everyone reading should check out the links to Wealthy Affiliate and see what it’s all about!

    • Thank you so very much for reading my post.

      Also for the great comments. I truly appreciate them. 

      Kind regards,


  6. Wow, Jill! Thank you so much for this great post full of motivation and positivity. I salute you for exploring new avenues in business, your story reminded me of a gentleman who was in a course with me a few months ago, he was in the woodwork business and his business was struggling a lot due to technology and the way things have changed, most people don’t value craftsmanship as they used to in the past. The gentleman could not see any way he could diversify his business to stay in tune with the times… I really honour your efforts in staying at the leading edge of technology and business. I joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn and explore new ways of online marketing and I am learning new skills on a daily basis.  

    • Hi Kimberleigh,

      Thank you so much for such a great response to my post. Am really pleased you are learning so much.

      I think wanting to learn, is the key. Some people are not willing to learn anything new.

      Wishing you everything of the best.


  7. Jill,

    Thank you for sharing this heartwarming post. I didn’t miss the computer age, I embraced it early on. Even with my technical knowledge, it took me years to find the keys to building my online business and start earning an income from my passion. Wealthy Affiliate is one of those keys. The training and community there have really helped me to put all of the pieces together.

    My wife, who ran kicking and screaming away from the computer age, is now starting her own online business as well. She has been able to follow the step by step training at Wealthy Affiliate and has created her very first website. Watching her go from barely knowing how to use a computer to having her own website and blog has been very exciting for me. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!

    After reading about how you are now embracing the computer age I wanted to share that Wealthy Affiliate is working for both the geek and the Luddite.

    Fortune does indeed come in many guises.

    Thank you again!


    • H Mark,

      Thank you for this great response to my post. You are so kind.

      Am very pleased that you are so happy with Wealthy Affiliate, I absolutely think it saved my sanity and gave me a purpose when I desperately needed it. It is also good to know that your wife is enjoying it too and learning so much.

      I wish you both all the very best,

      KInd regards,


  8. Hello Jill,

    Thanks a lot for your important and informative post. I was depressed about my income sources. I think now my dreams come true. I just finding such types of opportunities. You are right that online business would suit anyone, whatever age they may be. I just enjoyed your post. I wanted to be a premium member of wealthy affiliate program. I will visit all the links that you shared in your post. I could not understand about the cost of joining affiliate marketing. Would you please clear me that? 

    I will join WA as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your helpful post.

    • Hi Snigdha, There are no costs of joining affiliate marketing. If you join Wealthy Affiliate and follow the wonderful training you will be taught exactly what to do.

      Thank you for reading my post and finding it helpful.

      May I wish you all the very best,


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