5 Tips For Managing A Temporary Move

5 Tips For Managing A Temporary Move

There are many instances in life where a temporary move may be necessary.

Perhaps you’re moving away for college?

Perhaps you’ve been offered a temporary job somewhere new for a year?

Or perhaps you need to move out temporarily while carrying out major renovations or even organizing a self-build?

In all cases, you need to consider that you’ll be living somewhere for a short period, and therefore may not want to commit fully to your new home. This could save you time and money when moving – especially if your temporary home is far away.

The following tips offer more information on how to manage a temporary move.

5 Tips For Managing A Temporary Move

Temporary Move

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1. Bring only the essentials

Instead of bringing everything with you to your temporary home, focus on the essentials.

It could be very expensive to transport all your belongings to a temporary home – especially if you’re moving abroad for work or studying in another state.

Being frugal with your belongings also allows you to look into a smaller temporary home, which will cost you less money on rent.

5 Tips For Managing A Temporary Move2. Put the rest in storage

Where should you put the rest of your belongings if you’re not going to take them to your temporary home?

If you’re moving to college, you may be able to continue keeping them in your bedroom at your parent’s house.

However, if you’re moving out of a home permanently or your old home is being occupied by tenants or under renovation, you’ll need somewhere else to temporarily keep your belongings.

Putting your items into self-storage is likely to be the most practical option.

How much does a storage unit cost? It depends on the size and condition of the unit, but in most cases, it will be much cheaper than the cost of transporting your belongings to a temporary residence.

3. Consider renting furniture

There’s no point buying new furniture for your temporary home, as you’ll have to then sell it or scrap it in the near future.

Renting furniture could work out cheaper and you can simply give it back to the rental company at the end of an agreed term that suits you. There are local companies that you can find online that can allow you to rent everything from beds to TVs.

4. Avoid personalizing your temporary home too much

You’re only going to be living in your temporary home for a short period, so you don’t want to get too attached.

Such a home will likely be rented, so you won’t be able to make any permanent modifications anyway.

That said, you should still be wary of buying new curtains or buying custom furniture. Stick to small personal touches like photos and ornaments that will make your home feel like yours without being too difficult to transfer to your next property.

5. Work out where to direct your mail

Should you send your mail to your temporary residence? Or somewhere else?

If you’re living abroad for a few months and someone is house-sitting back home who you trust to open your mail, it may be better to simply continue receiving mail at your home address so that you don’t have to go through the fuss of contacting your bank and all your bill providers.

Alternatively, it may be the perfect time to switch to an online-only mailing list.

A Final Note

In conclusion, a temporary move can be exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. However, if you follow these simple tips, you can make your transition to your temporary home as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Remember to only bring the essentials, put the rest in storage, consider renting furniture, avoid personalizing your temporary home too much, and work out where to direct your mail. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy your temporary home without worrying about the hassle of moving all your belongings and making major changes to a home that you won’t be staying in for long.

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