Our 1st Star of the Sew:  Ashley Anne Rose-Innes

Introducing our First Star of the Sew - Ashley Rose-Innes of SoulfulBabyBoutique #thesewgirls

Owner, Soulful Baby Boutique




It was my great pleasure and privilege to interview this amazing “Star” of the Sew, Although I thought I really knew Ashley as I have known her since her birth, it turns out I was so wrong. When you read about this wonderful young woman you will understand why she is the first “star” to walk our red carpet. She is a practicing Christian, in the true sense of the word.  She spreads love everywhere she goes and to everyone she meets.

The Nurturer

Home-schooled by her Mother, Sharon, Ashley was able to pursue different pursuits that were of interest to her. At the age of twelve, she heard of “Building Blocks” a home that cared for infants from newborn up to the age of two and she volunteered her services. Looking after babies, feeding, bathing, and cuddling, in fact, all that little ones need.

Our 1st Star of the Sew:  Ashley Anne Rose-Innes | OUR FIRST STAR OF THE SEW ASHLEY ROSE INNES

The Sew Girls

The women folk in the wider Rose-Innes family meet every second Saturday for a craft morning. These were hosted by Sharon, Ashley’s Mom. The ladies brought whatever craft they wanted to do and they all got stuck in. Am sure there was much jollity on these days as well as a lot of work done. I know they went through so many craft fads and learned a lot. What a great way to keep up with all the family news and views as well as doing good for others.

Meeting the need

Ashley did this for 5 years all the while doing excellently in her schoolwork. She saw, first-hand, what the babies needed and began knitting garments for the little ones as well as making quilts for the cots. Not only did she make things for Building Blocks and their little ones, she also knitted beanies, jerseys, and booties for underprivileged children in various creches around Cape Town and along the West Coast,  Ashley also made all sorts of clothing, shorts, long pants, and polar fleece tops as there is a desperate need for these garments in the impoverished areas.

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Raising Funds

Around this time Ashley embarked on another venture, which was making baby carriers, ring slings, buckle carriers, and stretchy wraps, except she made them for little girls to carry their dolls in so that they could be like Mommy. These and emergency packs, a small colorful bag which holds a diaper or two and wet wipes, she sold at craft fairs and used the money earned to buy more fabric to make things for charity.

The Entrepreneur

While all this industry was going on and meeting up with Moms and their little ones at the craft fairs, Ashley saw the need for really good baby slings and so sourced them on the internet and began importing them and became a consultant for Soul Slings. She has done this for three years.

SoulFul Baby Boutique

Reaching out

Another venture of Ashley’s is making smocks for premature babies who have tubes into their chests and abdomens. She also makes a tiny beanie to keep their heads warm and sends one off with each smock. These are exported to Uganda. They are specially made for easy access for changing the tubes without disturbing the baby too much

Foster Mother

At the same time, Ashley was studying to become a teacher at College. And during this frenetic time, Sharon and Ashley fostered the first of six babies. The first baby they had for nine months. That was the longest time they had one baby. The times varied with the others depending on when a permanent placement was found for the little one.

Our 1st Star of the Sew:  Ashley Anne Rose-Innes | 93336a029ed636f2b320ae15226b2a941521471408 cropped 1521531040

Spreading her Wings

This remarkable “STAR” is currently learning to speak Mandarin as she will be going to teach English in China in July.

Getting to know Ashley

It still amazes me that although I thought I knew Ashley there was all this I did not know. Her Granny was my husband”s secretary for 24 years, we were close family friends with her and also with Ashleys Mom, Sharon and her late father, Andy and still failed to get to really “know” Ashley.

Our 1st Star of the Sew:  Ashley Anne Rose-Innes | f744cf97ed69585230f7526386d005b71521470523 cropped 1521531093

Sewing Room Essentials

Here are the 5 (6) things Ashley could not do without in her sewing room:

  1. Her Elna sewing machine
  2. A good pair of scissors
  3. Rotary cutter and mat
  4. Mini multipurpose pegs (clips) from Amazon
  5. Good quality pins
  6. Marking pens

Now, don’t you all agree that Ashley is indeed qualified to walk the red carpet as our first “STAR OF THE SEW”?

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Jill Alexa

Jill of all Trades. Master of Many. Too busy to die.


  1. Stunning post, Mom! Ashley is definitely qualified to walk your red carpet. I also learnt so much about her through your post and I am in awe of how much she has accomplished at such a young age. Truly inspirational.

  2. Hi Jill,
    Ashley is definitely the “Star of the Sew”!! She is such an inspirations. I pray that many would read your post and be inspired to follow in her footsteps.
    Thanks so much for sharing,

    • Hi Suzanne, Thank you so much for your comments. Ashley is indeed worthy of being a “Star”. Have interviewed another star and will soon be writing about her.
      All the best,

  3. Oh my goodness. What an inspiring article and person! Great job Jill. I cannot wait to see what other stars you will be interviewing. Fabulous! in peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Hi Ariel, Thank you so much for your positive response. Ashley is a wonderful young woman and it was a pleasure to write about her. Tomorrow am interviewing another amazing person. Second interview as I am sure I have to get everything straight before I write about her.
      All the best. Blessings, Jill

  4. Ashley is indeed very qualified to walk the red carpet on “Star of the Sew”! She sounds like such an inspiring and wonderful person. I’m sure she will have an amazing journey teaching English in China.
    Jill, I’m really looking forward to reading all about your future guests.

    • Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for commenting on the post about Ashley. She is a very special person. New post coming up very shortly. Written. Pictures found but not published yet.

  5. What fascinating reading. I had quilt lessons from Hazelmay a long time ago and see her quite often when I lunch across the road.

  6. Wow!! This Woman is truly an inspiration! This is such a lovely idea, to write about people who are inspirational and have done amazing things with their lives! Thank you so much for a beautiful and heartfelt post – it has made me want to speak to all my acquaintances and find out the things I don’t know!

    • Hi Jo, Thank you so much for reading and responding to this post. Ashley is now in China to teach there for a year. She is an amazing young woman.

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