What is an Entrepreneur a Definition

What is an Entrepreneur - A Definition

What is an Entrepreneur a Definition

Do you find, when waking in the small hours, your thoughts turn around and around in your head? My late Mother-in-law would say they would “tumble and toss” and this describes it to a T. It is such a wonderful time, so quiet, except for the lovely early morning chorus of the birds.

Today I was wondering at the amazing changes there have been in the world and how they came about.


This got me thinking “What is an Entrepreneur”?  Without the entrepreneurs of our world, who would have come up with all the wonderful things that are available to us, making our lives easier and allowing us time for a lot more fun,

Once out of bed, I hauled out my trusty dictionary and Thesaurus, left with me by my Mother when she emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 92, and looked up, first, “definition”. This is what I found.

Definition –  is the precise nature of a thing or meaning of a word. To me, that sums up an entrepreneur, in one word.

Here is what it says for

What is an Entrepreneur – a person in effective control of the commercial undertaking.

It all made complete sense to me, Entrepreneurs make things happen, they see a need, and find the solution.

What could be more exciting than that? It certainly beats sitting in a boring office, being given instructions, day after day, waiting for retirement.

What is an Entrepreneur – Nature or Nurture?

This question made me so grateful for the parents I was blessed with, both of them had a spirit of adventure and were entrepreneurs. They didn’t develop anything special but they engendered in their four children the thirst for knowledge and how to overcome difficulties.

When Mom and Dad married, during the war, Mom moved from Durban to Johannesburg to set up home. Today would have been their 79th wedding anniversary.

Naturally, Dad was not at home for a lot of the time, it being wartime, and money was very scarce. My Mother found a job but was unable to carry on with it for very long as she fell pregnant very soon after marrying and suffered extreme morning sickness.


No trouble to Mom, she began knitting with 2ply wool and baking in the old coal stove, to earn money.

I still have her original book of knitting patterns and recipes, It is falling apart but is so precious as this was written in her own beautiful handwriting, in pencil, and the money she made fed and clothed her newborn babies. All three girls born within four years.

After returning home for good, when the war ended, and three little girls later, Dad walked the streets for a job.

He told Mom that he was going out and would not be back until he had secured a position and sure enough, footsore and weary, he arrived home late, with a smile on his face, and a job.

Between the two of them, what with Dad’s job, their combined gardening efforts to grow their own vegetables, Mom’s knitting, baking and then sewing on the secondhand Singer sewing machine they were able to buy, on installments. They got by.

There were none of the things we take for granted now. It was cloth diapers, hand washing all the linen and clothing, over the bath. Polishing the floors on your hands and knees. It boggles the mind.

Throughout their 59 years of marriage, and although they moved around a lot, Mom continued to work at a variety of jobs.

On their return to Durban, long after we children had all flown the nest, she worked on a computer which took up the entire room, which had to be kept at a certain temperature. She was completely self-taught.


At this time she also wrote articles on travel and gardening, for various magazines and newspapers. She worked at night after a full day’s work. An hour and a half journey to and from work and then a long walk from the bus stop. All the photographs for the articles were taken by her.

She featured each week on the radio on “Women’s World”, speaking on the same subjects, gardening and travel.

The money she earned doing this enabled them to travel all over the world.

The entire trip was paid for with my Mother’s earnings before they left, What an entrepreneur.



Not sure how many of you reading this have become Entrepreneurs using your sewing skills. Judging from all the Social Media Sites I go onto, there are many men and women using their prowess with various machines.

The first Singer Home Sewing Machine was patented in 1851. It was the first one that worked well and was practical for the home dressmaker to use. I personally knew someone who became a millionaire selling Singer Sewing Machines, door to door, in this Country. That takes some doing.

Bernina was manufactured in Switzerland and came out in 1893. This machine was the first to have a hemstitch function.

In Japan in 1908 the first Brother Sewing Machine was manufactured, this was specifically to make straw hats. Seeing the popularity of the machines manufactured in other Countries, the Japanese decided to make machines for home use in 1932.

To Where We are Today, Because Brave Entrepreneurs, Persevered, despite Many Setbacks

Being a dressmaker, quilter and machine embroiderer. I am so thankful to these wonderful Entrepreneurs who battled until they got them right. Have had the pleasure over many years to use all these makes, plus and Empisol and Husqvarna.

Presently had the Bernina, which I use for dressmaking and free-motion quilting, and a Brother Embroidery Machine. I would be lost without them. Not forgetting my trusty little Babylock Overlocker (Serger).

My Favorite Home Appliance of All Time – The Dishwasher

What-is-an-Entrepreneur-a-Definition 3

As busy people, with little free time on our hands, buying a dishwasher is a must. With my large family, plus many visitors it was indispensable.

Well, I don’t know what type you have but I had a Samsung for many years and only sold it when I moved into the flat and am on my own. This, I would not have done if I could have fitted it into my new kitchen. But…. Alas!

It should go, without saying, that the amazing entrepreneur who came up with this wonderful invention, was a woman. THANK YOU, Josephine Cochrane. ( 1839 -1913)

She was American. The young wife of a wealthy businessman who loved to entertain. As did she. What she didn’t like was having to wash the dishes after the event.

As they had beautiful bonechina crockery, and a maid had chipped a cup when washing it, she became very angry and thought there must be an answer to this. She puzzled about it for some time and then went out to the workroom and devised the very first dishwasher, wire racks and all.

Certainly, it did not look anything like the dishwashers of today but it did the job well enough that when her drunken husband died and left her penniless. He left so much debt, which would have made most of us want to run away. What did she do?

She invited a man to assist her, who she knew was a good workman, and, together they worked on the dishwasher plans until they were just what she wanted and she patented it.

Not only did she do this but she also went to the Hotels and Restaurants getting orders. This, I may tell you were in the year 1886. Women did not do this kind of thing in those far off days. She said, the first time she had to cross the foyer of an hotel on her own, was one of the worst experiences of her life.

When she made her first machine for her home use, in 1883, it was not with the thought of making it a business. This admirable entrepreneur was still personally selling machines until 1912, she was then 73 years of age. She died the following year.

That is such an inspiring story of incredible bravery and determination to succeed, and, I for one, am so happy that she persevered in her quest.

What is an Entrepreneur a Definition - An entrepreneur is someone willing to believe in their skills or ideas and begin their own business despite the odds.No Talents? No Excuse!

We all have talents but some people are not cut out to become an entrepreneur, it seems too “risky” for them. It takes enormous courage and fortitude to see your projects through to the end. You will come across many “naysayers”, people who will scoff at your ideas and will sometimes cause strife in the family…

BUT it can be all worthwhile.

These are Some Attributes Entrepreneurs Would Require becoming Successful

D – Be a DOER – Make things happen. If this means having to take courses, do it. Ask questions, if you think of a good idea do the research. See if there is a need. Who will it help? Could you do better than what is out there already?

E – Enterprise – The initial Excitement won’t be the thing that gets creates success, but it will drive you. Don’t allow Skeptics to steal your enthusiasm. Count to 10, before replying to detractors. On seeing, your success, they could be your most valued customers. Stick to your guns. If you see what you are doing is not working but the idea is good, try a different angle until you reach your goal.

F – Faith – You must keep the faith in yourself and this will also mean engendering it in those who are closest to you. As you build your business, you will need their support.

I – Inspiration – Gain inspiration from others who have gone before you. Ask for advice if you need it. Trust your Instincts –

N – Nature or Nurture? – In my humble opinion, an Entrepreneur has the benefit of both these wonderful traits.

I – Identify – the needs in the marketplace. If you have competition but you feel your idea is better, identify what you can do to improve what is out there.

T – Be Trustworthy and Honest in all your dealings right from the start. You will gain the respect of your peers and customers. Honor your commitments in all your business and family life.

I – Initiative – Take the Initiative, if a thing has not been tried before and you are sure it will work, go for it.

O – Opposition – Overcome this by being sure of your facts. Using the best materials and resources.

N – The Need to vigilant, careful in all your dealings. Make sure to Patent your product. Seek Legal Advice. Have an accredited Accountant.

What is an Entrepreneur – What of The Cost?

What is and Entrepreneur A Definition 5

Costing is so important as it can mount up in ways you do not expect. Be aware and vigilant in your costing. It can be crippling.

It might take more time to get your project out into the wide world but take all the time you need so that you don’t fail.

Keep your end goal in mind and keep patience.

Wise Words

Did you know that there are more Millionaires being made every day in China than anywhere else in the world? Their advice is had the best education, the best governance and the thing that resonated most with me is MAKE ENTREPRENEURS YOUR HEROS. Now, isn’t that something to think about?

Now that you know #What-is-an-Entrepreneur-a-Definition.

Don’t you want to follow suit and be one yourself?

My Heros

If you are looking for Entrepreneur Heroes to follow, then you don’t have to look further than Carson and Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate who began their Online business in 2005 and look where they are today.

They are definitely two of my heroes and I am so inspired by their integrity, willingness to teach so many people all about the online world and how to go about building your own business. They saw the need, worked like mad to make it all happen and I for one will always be grateful for their dedication imbuing us with their knowledge.

By keeping us updated with new training and making it easier for us to understand, and in fact, are leaders in their field.

New innovations, which will benefit all of us on Wealthy Affiliate, are constantly being generated.

Thank you, Carson and Kyle,  of Wealthy Affiliate.

Jill Alexa

Jill of all Trades. Master of Many. Too busy to die.


  1. I must say that this is very informative and helpful topic Jill. Entrepreneurship is one thing that we all people look to achieve. I can say for myself that I am online entrepreneur and that is priceless. It is not that hard to become one, we just need more patience and more dedication.

    • Hi Daniel, Thank you for commenting on my post. I really appreciate it.

      Yes, we do need dedication to follow through on what we have begun, the most exciting learning possibility available to us and at so little cost.

      Wishing you all the best,


  2. Very inspiring article and this only proves that everyone can do everything they want IF they just take action, instead of being passive and waiting for things to happen.

    Interesting stuff about who invented the dish washer. It’s become such a common household item that I never thought about the person who came up with this. Quite interesting that it was a woman…

    • Hi Laura, Thank you for finding my article inspiring, it gives me encouragement  that I am on the right path. Yes, it is wonderful to think that it was a woman who invented the dishwasher and what a brave individual she was.

      It is people like her that give one courage to keep learning something new.

      Wishing you all the very best.


  3. I love the story about your parents going out there and doing whatever they needed to do to get jobs and make money. I think that is something that that generation just did. My in-laws are in their 80s and came to America from Italy in their teens. They didn’t have any money and they didn’t speak the language. But they did what they had to do! My mother-in-law used to iron tablecloths for a restaurant. My father-in-law worked two jobs at a time. They bought their car and their house – in cash. 

    I also love the story about the woman who invented the dishwasher (my hero!!! lol). Her determination and persistence to get that thing done and sold is why we have that wonderful machine today. I am grateful! If you look all around, every single thing we have was made by someone who had a thought, a dream and a determination. 

    You’ve given me lots of food for thought as I forge my own online entrepreneur path. Thankfully I don’t have to invent the computer, I just have to write some blog posts! haha

    • Hi Christina, Yes, Aren’t we fortunate to have computers, great training available and the will to learn. You seem to have the right spirit to get on with forging your own path and I wish you all the best with it.

      Thank you so much for the very positive comments. I am so grateful for them.

      All the very best,


  4. Thanks for this post Jill. I am an entrepreneur at heart, I love starting new projects especially ones I haven’t seen done. I have embarked on quite a number of projects. They start well but come crashing down after a while. I wonder what I am doing wrong. Now I’m with Wealthy Affiliate. I will apply those entrepreneur attributes you mentioned plus the sound training and this time, I should be successful. 

    • Hi Juliet, It is so great to meet another entrepreneur and it is only in trying and sometimes failing that we grow. Now that you have all this wonderful training at your fingertips, I am sure you will do well. It is the only way I have learned. I knew absolutely nothing about computers, the online world and was quite terrified about beginning but once I did, there was no turning back.

      I do hope you find the same. Wishing you all the very best. Keep going, even when it gets tough. Don’t forget if you get stuck, ask for help. There are so many wonderful people in Wealthy Affiliate willing and able to help you and also the 24/7 helpline.

      Kind Regards,


  5. It is pretty amazing to be emigrating at 92! I think its great that you were raised by entrepreneurs. I think that it is also more than just about business. Being an entrepreneur is (like you said) identifying and solving a problem. That means your parents taught all of you a valuable skill that is applicable to everyday life! Thats pretty cool.

    As if moms weren’t inspiring enough, hey? It must have been very interesting growing up with so many skills that you could gain. That kind of creativity and worth ethic are truly incredible. I think your example with your mom and Josephine Chocrane truly show that necessity is the mother of all invention!

    I think a lot of people move to Joburg for the opportunities but only those truly prepared to put in the work can make it.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Wow! Renton, Thank you so much for the really great comments. I was really privileged to have two amazing parents who taught me so much by their own actions. 

      May I take this opportunity of wishing you all the best going forward with you own experience of Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned so much by going through the program as I knew nothing about the online world until I began with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Kind Regards,


  6. That is a very good article, I have found great motivation here. I can say that I am an entrepreneur myself, but this article helped understand everything better. It is very important to take action towards your goals and have faith that your business in on the right path. Thanks for the article!

    • Hi Stefania, Thank you so much for the lovely comments.I am so pleased that you have found motivation by reading my post. It is always a lovely feeling to know you have helped someone in some way.

      Wishing you all the best,


  7. You had quite inspiring parents and glad you leveraged the opportunities that were available for you.

     I think this world needs more people with the mentality of your late mom, an entrepreneur have to work day and night, no defence for not succeeding. If your mom could do it with that old computer that needed room temperature to be regulated, then I will try it myself with my hp laptop.

    Thank you so much, I really enjoyed reading your article, there were so many takeaways for me.   

    • Hi Ngonidzashe, I have no doubt in my mind that you will succeed. Wishing you all the best.

      Thank you for the lovely comments.


  8. Loved your article, Jill!  It made me think of the challenges faced by my own parents and how incredible they were at finding unique ways to make ends meet.  I have an early memory of my own entrepreneurial spirit at the tender age of 8 where I had a lemonade stand at my gate.  Didn’t sell any lemonade, I think I ended up drinking it all myself! 😀 BUT, man was it fun.  I think that has never left me.

    Your mom sounds absolutely amazing!  Wow, what memories you have. Amazing!

    • Hi Claire, It is wonderful to have great memories. I can just picture you at the gate selling lemonade. 

      Thank you for the lovely comments on this post. I really do appreciate them.

      All the best, Jill

  9. Hello Preez,

    You are actually right by saying Kyle and Carson are the best entrepreneurs heroes to emulate, this two guys are really awesome when it comes to developing newbies to become digital entrepreneurs. They made me who I am today in the online marketing world. And I will advise every newbie who knows nothing about affiliate marketing to follow Kyle and Carson’s training at Wealthy Affiliate.

  10. I read with interest the article about the entrepreneur. I will comment on the topic and further, the content as I’m scrolling it,

    First, the definition of an entrepreneur in historical development.The concept of “entrepreneur” (entrepreneur) was first introduced by the French economist Richard Cantillon around 1720. R. Cantillon defined it this way: “An entrepreneur is a person with indefinite, non-fixed income who acquires goods of others at a certain price, and will sell his own at a price unknown to him.”

    We can also read on Wikipedia: For the first time, the concept of “entrepreneur” (entrepreneur) was introduced by the French economist Jean-Baptiste Say in about 1800. J.-B. Say defined it like this: “The Intrepare force is transferring economic resources from low productivity to high productivity and reaping the benefits”

    Today we know that an Entrepreneur is rather a specialist, not always graduated, engaged in activities related to property management. Unlike other managers, the goal of an entrepreneur is to make a profit for himself or for the group of co-owners that he belongs to.

    In the course of the article, its author shares the family experience of entrepreneurship. This is the content part. In turn, I am also ready to supplement these comments with personal experience. But there was no space left. 

    Finish very positive about the topic. Mark

    • Hi Mark, Great comments. It is such fun to look these things up. Haven’t had the courage to use wikipedia yet, am still on my dictionary and Thesaurus. 

      Am still quite new to the on-line world but am getting there, little by little,

      All the best,


  11. Hello Jill,

    I really loved reading your post. Your Definition of being an Entrepreneur, the acronym you have created, is just perfect. This is the Inspiration I Needed right now. Be a Doer, Take initative, have Faith! That’s a powerful message.

    My desire is to become a real entrepreneur – to having my own Enterprise. I am for the moment struggling with the direction of my online business. Identify the needs of the market is what I have to do and fight against the Opposition within myself. 

    The story about Josephine Cochrane, the inventor of the dishwasher is awesome. She had a true entrepreneurial spirit. Your mother also had a fantastic entrepreneurial and creative streak. 

    Yes, I absolutely want to follow suit and become a successful entrepreneur. Thank you for Inpiring me, Alexa! Fate led me to your post, it’s a great sign.


    • Hi Pernilla, Thank you so much for the very positive comments. I find if something is not working for me I will either alter it to suit me or try something new and exciting. That is why I just love Wealthy Affiliate. When I first chose my Niche, it was just going to be sewing but I soon realized that I was limiting myself and also what I could potentially earn, so by adding Quilting, Art and so on, I improved my Niche.

      It must be fun, otherwise it is not worth doing.

  12. Awesome, l like how you have elaborated on Entrepreneurship. It’s nice to be able to work for yourself at home be free spirited and not be pressured by all the expectations and deadlines from your employers. Being your own boss of course call for discipline, dedication and proper planning. What a wonderful and proud feeling to know that your dream of being an entrepreneur is working out well for you. 

    Great,  All the best.

    • Hi Brenda, Thank you so much for the lovely comments. I really do appreciate them. We are so lucky to be able to work from home and not have to battle in the traffic every day.

      Kind regards,


  13. Great! The way you how explained Entrepreneurship is intriguing. 

    So nice to be able to work for oneself from home or any comfortable area, creating your own success and freedom.It is not be without it’s own pressure but yogurt can prioritise and define your own expectations and deadlines for your client base and not under pressure from employers. 

    Being your own boss does require dedication, consistency, planning and discipline. What a wonderful and proud feeling to know that your dream of being an entrepreneur is working out well for you. 

    All the best.

    • Hi Padedayo, Thank you so much for your great comments. It certainly takes work, even when working from home, but it is so enjoyable it doesn’t feel like work.

      We are so fortunate in finding Wealthy Affiliate and I am so thankful that I did.

      Wishing you all the very best,

      Kind regards,


  14. Hi Jill

    What a lovely story about your brave parents who would have done anything for their children! And now you’re an Internet Entrepreneur today, looking for solutions to solve problems.

    That is what Entrepreneurs do: they don’t wait for things to happen, they make them happen. They take action and they take calculated risks to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

    I really like how you used the word DEFINITION to describe the attributes of Entrepreneurs.

    Thank you, I enjoyed reading your post.

    • Hi Nicolaas, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post. I loved researching it and writing it. 

      You are so right in saying the Entrepreneurs don’t wait for things to happen, they make things happen.  I f we don’t take action, we certainly won’t achieve success.

      Wishing you all the very best,


  15. You would think that in this day and age everything had been invented that we will ever need, go ahead and try and think of something to invent and I’ll bet you someone has already beaten you to it. I thought I had a million dollar idea once as I keep burning the bread in my toaster, or kept popping it up too early so I thought of an idea of a see-through toaster, looked online and there they were, somebody had already beaten me to it.

    I’m an affiliate marketer, so I don’t really have to think of ideas, then make the products… I just promote other people products. I have been doing this job for nearly 2 years now but as I have been learning, I also have been finding out other ways to make money online.

    And guess what I found out?

    Every entrepreneur starts with one little idea and makes an empire from just that, an idea.

    It’s crazy to think that business people such as Richard Branson built a whole empire from one small idea, and I’m thinking if they can do it, why can’t I?

    And just like your mother did with her knitting and baking. 

    A round of applause to your mam for making it work for your family, I salute her 🙂

    • Hi Matthew, I absolutely agree. If you think of another great idea like the see through toaster you can always see if it has been patented and if not get in there with your one.

      I spoke to a Patent Lawyer once who told me that if you change a small thing on your invention which differs from the ones out there, you are quite at liberty to use it. Would check that out though. He could have been wrong or perhaps it differs from Country to Country.

      Thank you for all you comments. I enjoyed reading them. Yep my Mam, was fantastic.

      All the best,


  16. Hello Jill. How are you doing?

    Thank you for sharing this post that elaborates on the definition of entrepreneur. These days, entrepreneurs are living well and better than those that do the 9 to 5 jobs. This post is so informative. I want to be a successful entrepreneur. Only then financial freedom I see.

    • Hi BEassy Shifts, There are so many amazing entrepreneurs around us and I am so inspired by them. How wonderful it must be to have the ability and drive to get something really new onto the market.

      What an exciting life this is. We must enjoy every moment and opportunity we get.

      All the best,


  17. Hello Jill,

    wow, what an inspiring and motivating article! Right of the bat, I want to say that it is simply amazing how Your parrents were able to overcome challenges in life, never give up and keep going forward. But one thing that inspired me the most here is how You were able to take the presented opportunities in Your hands, take action towards Your goals and make the best out of the situation and become who You are today, achieving such great things! You Jill, are a very wise, strong person who is an amazing example to follow! Keep up the great work! Oh, and by the way- going into this article I didn’t have a clue of what enterpreneur means, so I am very happy to learn something new & meaningful today, thank You!

    • Hi Evald, So happy I inspired you and taught you what an entrepreneur is. Your comments were so kind and I have tears in my eyes as I reply to you. I am so touched. Thank you.

      Kind Regards,


  18. I wanna be an entrepreneur. The only thing I’m yet not sure about is, what can I share that is really helpful to many people.

    I had some good ideas already but then the problem came up who will be prepared to produce my idea without stealing it.

    Well now I try to help the online community, like you do. I think writing a blog about what we know will eventually reach people interested in it and some things I know are definitely helpful for people with other skills as me.

    • Hi Stefan, Keep thinking of good ideas, write them down and work on them. It really is so stimulating. In the meantime enjoy writing on Wealthy Affiliate. We are able to learn so much on all sorts of subjects.

      Wishing you the best,


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