8 Reasons | Why to Sell on Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace

8 Reasons Why to Sell on Azure Marketplace

The Microsoft Azure Platform has expanded dramatically over the years and there are various benefits linked to leveraging the power of the Azure Marketplace.

In today’s post, we will be giving you 8 reasons why to sell on Azure Marketplace to take full advantage of the advantages that it provides and fast-track your business growth.

Azure Marketplace

Selling on Azure

If you are presently using the Azure Platform, you would have noticed how it has matured over the past years.

When your solution is currently running on the platform, it is possible that you are already utilizing the Azure Marketplace.

For instance, deploying virtual machines that utilize pictures found in the Azure Platform.  You can market your services via the Azure Marketplace or App.

The intercept, for instance, has a Cloud Consulting deal that is advertised to the Marketplace.

Furniture for Export

Even Artists must keep track of their business.

8 Reasons Why to Sell on Azure Marketplace

Whatever business you are running, be it online business or carpentry, gardening, art gallery, sewing, farming,  it is imperative to keep track of all business coming in and going out.

Every aspect of the business is crucial.

  • Requirements for the manufacture of each item.
  • At what cost?
  • What time is taken to make the item?
  • Labour cost.
  • How much stock to have available so as not to run short.
  • All these considerations, and many more, whilst also keeping track of the paperwork and finance.

The aim of Microsoft is to connect with customers and partners to support them in growing their business, using the Azure Marketplace solutions.

Apart from using present Marketplace solutions, you can also publish your individual solution. You must however partially run your solution on Microsoft Azure to enjoy these benefits:

 Why to Sell on Azure Marketplace1. Global Scaling

Customers can deploy your solution to an area of their choosing. Just ensure your backend is supporting it.

2. Generating New Sales Leads or Opportunities

Azure is expanding and by advertising your solution to the Marketplace, you create more visibility and subsequently more leads in various industries.

3. Promoting Your Brand and Creating Awareness

When you publish your solution to the Azure Marketplace, it will be visible to all Public Areas of Azure. There are presently fifty-four spread over 140 countries. This will substantially promote your brand and create awareness.

Cross-selling and Upselling

If you sell via the Marketplace, you can curtail your sales sequence and speed up projects because you are selling an entire solution.

4. The Service is Free

There are no costs linked to publishing your solution on Azure Marketplace.

5. You Receive Valuable Insights

By using the platform, you gain valuable insights and information about your campaign performance, payouts, and orders and can use the analytics to reach a wider market and maximize profits.

6. Technical Assistance

You have access to support for everything you require to publish your application which ranges from architectural to technical assistance.

7. Co-Marketing Benefit

As soon as you are ready to co-sell, you will have access to a Go-to-market team that will be appointed to you.

They will assist you with strategies, and marketing activities, and connect you with the various internal sales channels for Microsoft.

8. In Conclusion

Basically, Azure Marketplace is the launchpad for cooperative go-to-market happenings with Microsoft that can have an immense impact on your business growth.

With all the benefits linked to publishing to the Azure Marketplace, you can expand your visibility and create awareness for your brand.

Of course, if you are making any income from these strategies, ensure you include it in your tax returns. If you’re not sure how to deal with one-off sources of income, you can use Form 1099 filing services. These work a bit like accountants and eliminate the need to fill out any complicated documentation yourself, giving you confidence that you’re on the right track.

I hope that these eight reasons to sell on Azure Marketplace have been useful and that it has answered some of the questions that you had before deciding to take the leap and take your solution to the next level.

Jill Alexa du Preez

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