Don’t Make these 5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes | JillAlexa.com

If you want to make sure that your bathroom renovation goes as smoothly as possible, then you have to avoid these mistakes. If you don’t then you may find that you end up struggling and that you find it difficult to get the result you want under budget.

Don’t Make these 5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Don’t Make these 5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes |

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1. Building Out

If you have a small bathroom then you need to build in, not out. Built-ins can include recessed soap dishes, toilet roll holders and even medicine cabinets. You can also flatten the ceiling light by opting for a recessed light.  Little things like this can make your bathroom seem way bigger than it is, not to mention that it can also add a lot of value.

If you are handling your renovation yourself then you need to make sure that you have a lot of the products you need, ahead of time. If you don’t then you may find that you end up constantly having to run out for more supplies and this can make things difficult for you. If you’re building things, make sure you get some silicone sealant too.

If you want a new bathroom that's the envy of the neighborhood, then we suggest you avoid these 5 classic bathroom renovation mistakes.2. Forgetting about Ventilation 

All bathrooms need to have some kind of ventilation. This can be in the form of an exhaust fan or even simply by having a small window. Opting for a bathroom fan is another thing you can do. Just make sure that you look at the exhaust capacity if you can. Due to the small space of your bathroom, you may find that even a moderately loud fan is just too loud.

3. Opting for a Hardwood Floor

Choosing the right flooring is so important. Solid wood floors, while they do add a lot of character to the bathroom, can also absorb a lot of water. This makes them very impractical overall.  If you want to make a better choice then one thing you can do is opt for vinyl instead. The great thing about vinyl is that it is water-resistant and ideal if you want to brighten a small space.

4. Avoiding Colour 

If you want to make your bathroom look way bigger then make sure that your color palette stays in the white or the light end of the spectrum. Darker colors can make a room feel very small and at times it can feel claustrophobic.

Use a white or light fixture if you can and always think twice about painting your ceiling any color other than white. The main reason for this is that a white ceiling will add a great deal of visual space, so if you choose a color different to this, you will be shrinking it down which most of the time, is the last thing you need.

5. Not Considering Freestanding Pieces

If you can add some freestanding pieces then this is great. A decorative chair or a nice cupboard can work as great additional design elements. You can also add other items, such as clothes hampers and even toilet roll storage holders. If you have room to take up, items like this are the best ones to go with.

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