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It was with great delight that I ventured on a road trip to Port Alfred to visit with a very dear friend (of long-standing) not old! There I had the pleasure of experiencing #homemakingatitsbest. Ronwyn is one of the most capable, crafty homemakers I know.

During my stay, we had an entire week without water in the taps due to the shenanigans in the local council and the municipal electricity bill not being paid to Eskom, this meant no pumping of water from the dam etc.

Despite this misfortune, and due to Ronwyn having the foresight to install three or four very large water tanks in the garden to collect the rainwater off the roof, we were able to stay clean, drink as much coffee or tea as we wanted and enjoy the marvelous home cooked meals.

GREAT Handwork

every room in the house there is hand work done by Ronwyn at some stage of her life.

I recall that when she and her late husband, Neil lived on the farm how she always was busy with some project or other. She would make various items to put away for her three children for when they moved into their own homes.

It amazed me how much she got through. Her hands are never idle.

When we visited Grahamstown, they were on the farm Inniskillin, just outside of the City (yes Grahamstown is a city – it has a Cathedral), Ronwyn knitted a lovely blue jersey on her knitting machine for my husband.

He absolutely loved that jersey and wore it for many years until one day it disappeared.

He must have left it in the Church Hall at some stage and someone picked it up and the next time we saw it was when it appeared on the Clothing Stall at  our Church Fete. He was not amused in the slightest.


The photograph of this beautiful tapestry which hangs in the lounge certainly does not do it the justice it deserves. The colors did not come out as they should. This is just one of the many tapestries hanging in Ronwyn’s home.#Made,with,love,and,care#sampler,made,by,Ronwyn







As with everything made by Ronwyn, this sampler is absolutely perfect. How I wish I had the patience to sit and do the things she has created to make her home just as she wants it.

When one looks around, it is obvious what amount of love and care has gone into everything she has made.

Each time I have visited over many years, I have come away inspired to try something new.


Once again Ronwyn has something new she is trying and succeeding at.


Stacked around the lounge were painting Ronwyn has done.

She attends painting classes in Kasouga with a great Artist named Trevor and she kindly took me over to meet him and I had the pleasure of attending a class in Acrylics.

Having painted extensively in oils for many years it was great to watch as his painting progressed and of course dried at a much faster rate than I was used to.

Am definitely going to give this a try. Fortunately, Trevor very kindly sends me hints and tips which are going to be a big help.

It was great fun, most interesting and I really learned a lot as I watched Trevor painting a gorgeous Seascape.

After a welcome cup of coffee. We took a walk through the river and onto the beautiful beach at Kasouga.

There were a group of scholars on an outing and it was great to see them enjoying their learning about the coastline in nature.

What a wonderful opportunity to learn while enjoying the great outdoors.


Twice a week Ronwyn attends or hosts a group of ladies all occupied with the craft of their own choice. She is always on hand to help when it is needed.

It is a great time of fellowship and great friendships are formed.

I wonder how many people have sat around this table sharing their stories. Many, I am sure. A place of safety and comfort.


They encourage one another and learn new crafts from observing what the others are doing.

We, as women, are so blessed in this way that we are able to share our joys and sorrows in a group and boost morale when it is down.


What an amazing time I spent with Ronwyn, who made me so welcome. We laughed until our stomachs actually ached. Shared a few tears at past happenings. In fact, doing what friends of long-standing do.

I shall always be grateful for having such a loving friend.

Realizing the true worth of friendships, don’t take them for granted. They are to be treasured.

There are so many people who will be able to relate to this experience and be grateful that they too have amazing friends they can trust and turn to when their spirits need lifting.

Jill Alexa

Jill of all Trades. Master of Many. Too busy to die.


  1. Oh, Mom, what a beautiful post about your recent visit with Ronwyn and your longheld friendship. It’s so special that you have so many friends you’ve known almost your entire life. Ronwyn must feel so proud to see her gorgeous works displayed on your website. They are stunning! I love how creative and industrious you two are – it really deepens your friendship when you get to create wonderful works of Art together, doesn’t it? It makes me long for a forgotten age… or maybe… there’s a way to recreate it in our modern day crazy lifestyles. Let’s give it some thought.

    • Hi Love, Thank you so much for reading this post. I haven’t even had a chance to share it and ask for comments. Too busy holidaying around the country.
      It certainly is wonderful to have so many friends of long standing and also such capable friends.

  2. Hello my friend,
    What a lovely blog you wrote. Spending time with friends is one of life’s true blessings. Especially when it covers many decades.
    My friendships mean the world to me, both for support and encouragement. And I strive to be the same for them.
    I love all the art work she’s done. So many beautiful things. If she’s anything like me, she’s run out of room to display everything, haha.
    I especially love her acrylic painting of poppies. It’s very similar to one I taught at a studio, years ago now. I don’t have as much time to paint anymore, with grandchildren in my life. I can’t wait until they are older and start teaching them art!

    • Hi Suzanne, It is wonderful to have friends and I have so enjoyed meeting up with some I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing for over 30 years. It was so natural speaking to them and finding time away meant nothing at all. Our friendship was still as strong as ever.

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