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Do you ever question, who #isanonlinebusinessfor? Did you ask that question of yourself when you became involved in an online business?

I know that I did. Not for a moment, I thought it would be for me as I was a total beginner.

Terrified of making mistakes, especially that I would press the wrong key on the computer and would crash it completely.

The internet age almost passed me by. I Am so happy that it didn’t.  WHO ME?

When my daughter approached me to be her V.A. I had no idea just how much I would become involved in the online world or how much I would enjoy it.

For a total beginner, there was a lot to learn and by my joining Wealthy Affiliate, and going through their amazing training, which is an ongoing process for me, I was able to become a blogger and earn money online.

With so many people looking for work, worldwide, and with so many young people able to use the computer, the opportunities are endless.

All one needs to do is be prepared to learn what to look out for. If it sounds too good to be true, be careful.

It might take you a little while to make money but don’t be impatient, believe me, it does happen.

There are so many wonderful opportunities which could suit people of all ages. Check out on Google or other search engines.

Ask around, if you aren’t sure.

See what opportunity suits your interests.

After being a Virtual Assistant to my daughter for a scant two weeks, I became totally hooked on blogging and now write about the things that interest me most and that I think can be of help to others.


Perhaps that is an obvious question to ask,

Why would one be drawn to this opportunity, especially in our later years?

There were a number of reasons I found at that time and I have come across so many answers to that question as time has gone by.

For me, these were some of the answers.

  • I wanted to please my daughter and to prove that as she believed I could do this, I really need to prove that she was right and that I could.
  • As a pensioner, on a limited budget, it made complete common sense. I was fully aware that it would take me a while to earn anything but it would whatever I did and gosh what an amazing challenge at my age.
  • If I didn’t earn a single cent, I would have a new skill. Now isn’t that great, at any age?
  • We are all aware of the increase in the cost of living and that there is a shortage of job opportunities especially when it comes to the older folk. So, why not try something new? This was another reason for me to see what I could do.
  • Being reliant on my children doesn’t sit well with me, as I am sure it doesn’t with others on pension.


#what are you waiting for, do something

How many people do you know who are struggling to get by on what they are earning?

Who has children who cannot find work and have to continue to live at home with their parents?

People you know are bored out of their minds with either the work they are doing or not having any and we all know that hobbies cost money. There are also a number of people who have no hobbies.

Are you aware of people who are just not prepared to try anything new? I have met so many.

What a shame.

What is strange is that although people may be struggling financially, they will not put themselves out to improve the talents they have, if they feel they are not talented, they won’t try to learn anything.

Surely you have heard the excuses, as have I. If and when, people ask what I do and I tell them I blog, often don’t know what I am talking about or say, “Ooh, I could never do that”.

How do they know that when they have never tried?

It boggles my mind to think that people will struggle along and take no action to improve their lives.


There is no time like the present.

Fortunately, with an online business, you can begin today. You do not have to go for any interviews, have any qualifications, prior knowledge (although we all have experiences of life which make us who we are).

We can begin learning right now. Decided to take the plunge and you can change the circumstances of your life and others by checking out Wealthy Affiliate, read about the opportunity and decide if you want to learn more about earning online.

By reading what I have written in the blog, you will have the chance to make up your own mind on how to go forward.


Opportunities around the campfire

There was a golden opportunity for me to go away on holiday with my sister-in-law.

What made it easier was the knowledge that while I was away on holiday, I was able to carry on working as my trusty laptop was carefully packed into the car, and then into the caravan to be utilized.

It was a privilege to come across so many older couples and people on their own living at the caravan park, who have so many wonderful opportunities to write about all the places they have been to.

What a fabulous crowd of people living or holidaying in the caravan park we stayed in. They shared so many stories of their travels.

They discussed the different areas of South African, the number of game reserves they have stayed at, various caravan parks in and around South Africa and further afield in the neighboring African countries.


Buffalo in the wild

It seems such a pity that they are not going online with these stories, and no doubt have wonderful photographic evidence of all the beauty, the animals and vistas they saw along the way.

People who might never have the opportunity of learning of the animals, the beauty, or see the way the temperature changes experienced worldwide have altered the life here in Africa.

Perhaps by sharing their knowledge, others further afield would learn about ways in which they could help in their own communities, or think of solutions and by sharing them, they could demonstrate the care they have for others.


I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked, “What is a Blog?”

The way I explain it, especially to my older friends, is that a blog is like an article in the newspaper or magazine. You write about something that really interests you and that you feel will be of help to someone with the same interest.

So now that you know what #isanonlinebusinessfor, and knowing how you can improve your chances of earning a living from whatever destination you choose to work from, home, restaurant with WiFi, caravan park, wherever, check out Wealthy Affiliate and learn from the best.

You will receive great training, support, and many new friends from all over the world.

Could anything be better than improving your knowledge and empowering yourself at any age?

Especially as the opportunities for online work are improving daily.

As with every business, you need to put in the effort to get anything out.


Jill Alexa

Jill of all Trades. Master of Many. Too busy to die.

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