Isn’t it just amazing how many ways there are to experience pleasure?

Some people live very mundane lives and don’t know that #theartofexperiencingpleasurecomesinmanyforms perhaps they are experiencing the art of pleasure without even realizing it, while others find the most incredible things that give them pleasure.

For the Fantastically Fit

  • Endurance Riding
  • Iron Man and Woman Competitions
  • Climbing Mountains – Everest, Kilimanjaro
  • Extreme Sports
  • Open Water Swimming in freezing temperatures
  • Long distance running
  • Ice Hockey
  • Sport in general
  • Athletics

The Light of Heart

Terri was intent on spoiling her Aunt on this long-awaited visit to Durban and she took her parents, (my brother and his wife) and I to dinner at a super Italian Restaurant before taking us on to a Burlesque Show which was held at the Rhumbelow Theatre. It was a first for the three of us oldies and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

All very tastefully and well done and the audience was very appreciative and responsive. Unfortunately, folks, no photos allowed, sorry.

It was especially enjoyable for Terri, Myles, and Daphne, watching and having to help me out of Terri’s car. She has an Audi 2 door sports car. Well, the getting in wasn’t too bad but getting out of the back was a totally different experience.

I managed, with some difficulty and help, at the Restaurant but after the Burlesque Show and upon getting home we were all laughing so much and this made it more difficult for me to emerge from the confines of the back seat. Why we didn’t think of putting the hood down, I just don’t know.

After a lot of pushing, pulling, hysterics I finally made it out.


Eating out – Terri, my niece, kindly took her Mom Daphne and me on the Midlands Meander and we stopped at the most glorious place. The Blueberry Farm Cafe.

Waiting for our food to arrive at Blueberry Farm Cafe.

Having had the experience the evening before, it was decided that I would sit in the front passenger seat. All went well.

#Blueberry Farm Cafe

The entrance to the Blueberry Farm Cafe is really lovely.

What an amazing display of plantings. Great ideas and a feast for the eyes.

There is a shop selling gifts for every occasion and painting and various other Artworks.

On the way to the second Restaurant,  are display cases of old model cars.


Unusual planters in the garden at the Blueberry Farm Cafe




A visit to the Blueberry Farm Cafe is a must for all who love great food, fabulous blueberry gin, and the most beautiful gardens and surroundings.

It is definitely on my to do list for when I next visit Durban, which hopefully will be soon.

One could spend hours at Blueberry Farm Cafe as they have the most amazing gardens.

There is also a natural formation of rocks to explore which is just outside the Cafe. We enjoyed walking out there after relaxing and eating our meal.

Another very important stop we made while on the Midlands Meander was to shop for shoes at the Tsonga factory shop. This is something I do each time I go to the Midlands Meander as I love their shoes.

They are leather, long-lasting and beautifully styled. Naturally, they also have handbags.

If you ever go along the Midlands Meander, do yourself a favor and stop off to see and buy their wares.



Terri is living her life to the full and takes the greatest delight it just having fun.

These are just two of her favorite things. She is passionate about her two dogs, Stitch and Eeyore and loves to dress them up too.

My favorite pleasures are a bit more sedentary

Enjoying time with the people I love

Spa days with friends

Road Trips



Sewing – all sorts – quilting, machine embroidery, etc.


Aromatherapy treatments and pedicures


There are so many things that give one immense pleasure and while I was away in Durban, visiting my brother, I had the greatest pleasure exploring places I had not been to before.

A very dear friend kindly took me out to breakfast on many occasions and we would plan our days outing while enjoying chatting and eating.

The places I was taken to, opened my eyes to the wonderful beauty of the nature in Durban and further afield. It was also good to view these places through someone else s eyes who knows the area so well.


Just driving around Durban is a pleasure with the glorious trees in full bloom. It was lovely to stop and take numerous photos to remind me of this very special time.

What fun we had exploring our many options.



We enjoyed watching Dolphins just off the coast. They were clearly having a good time chasing fish. Catching their breakfast, I guess.

Sadly, the lovely Restaurant, Al Pescatoria, where we had such great coffee and cake at was hit by a freak storm two days later and almost destroyed. Am sure they will have it up and again soon.

MITCHELL PARK – This was a family outing and the children had a great time playing on the swings etc. while my friend and I took pictures of the white peacocks and sat in the shade, catching up and watching the passing parade.

FERN GULLY – One of my favorite places to visit, and we visited there a few times. It has the most stunning views of the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

On one of the occasions the Hills and the valley, across from the Restaurant were covered in thick mist and it was lovely watching the picture change as we ate scrumptious, yummy, sticky chocolate cake and ice-cream accompanied by the noise of monkeys bounding across the roof above our heads, leaping with great dexterity into the surrounding trees.

We had a wonderfully friendly service and went back on numerous occasions.


SHONGWENI – The Restaurant at the Summerveld Stud Farm was unfortunately closed when we thought of having lunch there but it is such a beautiful drive to get there and also the Farm is stunning. It was worth just going for the drive.

The amazing rock formations were awe-inspiring as we drove along to Shongweni. Alas on the last three days of my time in Durban we experienced torrential rain and some of those very rocks came down onto the road, fortunately not falling on anyone but causing a lot of damage and road closure.

Monteseel Viewpoint

A lovely place to sit and chat and gorgeous view.

MONTESEEL VIEWPOINT – This was such a special outing and despite the number of very large ants crawling over my feet and up my legs, being helped over the rocky area and having a fear of heights, you can see from these pictures, it was very well worth it.

We spent some time in the shade of a tree, with the breeze blowing through the grass and cooling us off, just sitting in awe of the stunning beauty of the scene before us.

It was great to spend time with a dear friend in this quiet place, catching up on the past and chatting about the future.


While away it was so encouraging and uplifting to visit my family and friends who are animal lovers. Most of the animals they own are rescued and now live in the lap of luxury.

While staying with my brother Myles and his wife Daphne and their family I got to know their menagerie of five dogs, Tommy, Oddie, Lucky, Sheba and Roxy, and two cats, Jasmine and Fluffy.

The dogs each have their own kennel but spend most of their time in the house making themselves comfortable on the couches and chairs. They are a great company and very loving.

Not only those but also living on the same property is their daughter Diane, her husband Georgie and two granddaughters. Haley and Jessica plus their enormous Great Dane Chloe. Chloe and Jessica are inseparable.

What a beauty Chloe is, she has the most unusual coloring being white with large pale brown spots and one blue eye and one brown. She has a very deep bark but skittish, timid nature.

Being greeted at the gate each time we returned from an outing was quite amazing. There would be five large dogs and one little one barking their welcome. Two very excited little girls telling us about their day. What a lovely way to end a day out.

One night I had Tommy ( very large dog, mostly bull mastiff) on one side of the bed and a dear little cat on the other. In fact, the cat spent most nights snuggled up to me. The other cat was more stand-offish and only came into my room the night she couldn’t get into the house another way but through my open bedroom window.


These were just a fraction of the wonderful things I experienced on my trip to Durban.

New and unimaginable things to do and see if you just open yourself up to them.


The whole wide world waiting out there for you to explore.

Remember #theartofexperiencingpleasurecomesinmanyforms

You don’t have to go far, just allow yourself to be open to become aware of the beauty that is around you. Don’t become stuck in the mundane.

Life is so short – live it to the fullest.

My hope is that you enjoy each and every moment.

Jill Alexa

Jill of all Trades. Master of Many. Too busy to die.


  1. Hi, Jill, I’m starting to break open my binds to experiencing new pleasures. For one, I’m finally going out to places on Saturday nights rather than just continuing to work on my blogs, books, and other endeavors when I’m off the clock at my day job. I’m also branching out and talking to new people as well rather than acting all robotic and regimented all the time. It’s a plus for me, who often tends to stick to his normal pleasures of the gym, writing, and reading, all one-man pleasures for the most part. But I’m making it a point that I do more in the second half of 2019. 

    • Great to hear this Todd, Life is for the living and to live it to the full is a great idea. 

      I do hope you enjoy the second half of 2019 as you open yourself up to new and exciting experiences.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jill

    I like your post very much. You are so right, we don’t always realize how easy it is to please ourselves. A trip to a new place with friends or alone has always made me happy. And as you said I don’t need to go very far, even if it’s an hour drive from home. As long as it’s a new place.

    Or the discovery of a new cuisine, I love eating. So, personally those are the little things that I like having now and then, and the excitement is always there Everytime.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Adyns, You are so right. There are so many things that bring one pleasure. I also love trying new dishes. 

      For me just to have a pedicure now and then is a pleasure.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I do appreciate it.

  3. I would like to say life is for living and living life is full of bitter and sweet experiences. I personally love nothing more than to enjoy a spa day with friends. Your article does cover quite a few experiences and being involved in sport, my main pleasure comes from eating fine cuisine and training.  I believe in having all my guilty pleasures in moderation, in doing that I will always appreciate the finer things in life! 

    • Hi Derek, Thank you for commenting on my post. It is just as well that there are pleasures for everyone’s taste.

      As you say, everything in moderation.

  4. In what I understand, Durban is a place in South Africa, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the place. From the Ballito Bay to Mitchell Park, they look like places of paradise to me, places I wanna visit in the years to come. My fiance and I are planning for a USA tour but then it looks to me that South Africa might be a better alternative as entry to the US is now becoming tighter than ever. Are the people of South Africa hospitable to us coming from Southeast Asia?

    • Hi Gomer, Thank you for commenting on my post. The South African people are very hospitable and I am sure you and your fiance would have a wonderful trip to South Africa. I would advise that you research all the places in South Africa which would appeal to you.

      Besides the beautiful scenery, there is always the Kruger National Park, if you are interested in wildlife. Actually, in most of the provinces, you will find game parks.

  5. Living is fun on it own,so why not enjoy it to the fullest. Anywhere you find me is usually where am deriving happiness and fun-filled moment. Seeing me commenting on your website also means am deriving pleasure reading this adventurous write-up…lols. Am an adventurer who love visiting interesting places. Unfortunately I have never been to the Midlands Meander before. Many friends that have been there always share with those fun-filled moment they experience just like it is in this review. I think during my next vacation, I’ll make plan to visit Midlands Meander and the blueberry farm cafe that made itself a celebrity for many adventurer. Seeing is believing. I want to explore those places with my kid. It would be fun, I hope.

    • Hi Stella, Now you have something to look forward to. A trip to the Midlands Meander and the Blueberry Farm Cafe.

      There is so much to see for you and your daughter.

      Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated.

  6. I love traveling. Whenever I have a chance I go somewhere, whether only within my country or (preferably) to a different state.
    I also enjoy the planning and creating itinerary, starting from booking a flight ticket to checking images of different places on google.

    So far, I have not been in South Africa, but it is definitely on my list. It is great to read first hand about places like I would never think of such as Ballito Bay. I will add these places to my South African folder – to be done:)

    Cheers, Mike

    • Hi Mike, Thank you so much for the comments. Travelling is such fun and planning for them is part of the fun.

      I recall the fun my husband and I had when we planned our first overseas trip. We went with friends and each weekend we would get together and discuss the plans we had thought of. during the week. We all researched and over a glass of wine and a meal, we would vote on which idea was best.

      We had a great time planning and an even better time on the trip.

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