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What About Plastic Surgery | surgeon at work on face reconstruction


When people think about plastic surgery they usually think of having a facelift, but there are many more types of plastic surgery done. One could have practically any part of one’s body worked on either for cosmetic reasons or for repair after an injury due to an accident or birth defect.

In this article, we will be exploring more about rhinoplasty, what it entails, and the recovery.


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A nose job is technically referred to as rhinoplasty. It is a surgery that is performed on the nose to alter the shape or to enhance the functionality.

It can also be performed due to medical reasons, for instance, correcting breathing issues due to the nose, or correcting disfigurement because of birth defects or trauma.

Nose surgery is often chosen for cosmetic motives, to change the appearance or shape of the nose.


If you are deliberating whether you should have a nose job, consult with a plastic surgeon Tampa to discuss your options, and obtain guidance.

During the initial consultation, speak to him about your objectives, and tell the surgeon what is bothering you about your nose, and what you are planning on changing.

Bear in mind that the perfect nose does not exist.

Facial plastic surgery though, can improve your facial features, and enhance your natural beauty.

The plastic surgeon can advise you on your best facial features and which changes could help with enhancing your appearance.

After examining your facial features and nose, he can advise you on whether your goals are realistic.

The surgeon will assess the overall condition of your health and will discuss any possible risks, the costs involved, and details about the recovery time.

Various techniques are available for reshaping a nose.

Once you have given the go-ahead, the surgeon will explain what he is proposing to do.

With regards to health insurance, first, speak to your insurance company to find out precisely what is covered and what charges you will be liable for. Health insurance does not usually pay for any procedures that are cosmetic-related.


  • Rhinoplasty is typically performed as an outpatient surgery, which means you will not have to stay overnight.
  • You will get local or general anesthesia.
  • With local anesthesia, the nose area is numbed, and you will be sedated, leaving you feeling relaxed and you will not feel any pain.
  • If general anesthesia is used, you will sleep through the entire procedure.
  • During the surgery, the plastic surgeon makes small cuts in the nostrils. In more complex cases, he might also make cuts over the base of your nose. He will then reshape the inner cartilage and bone to create a more pleasing look.


After the rhinoplasty, individuals generally wear a nasal splint during the first week.

You can expect some bruising around the eye areas, and some swelling after the procedure.

This will however improve after the third day but sometimes could last for about two weeks.

Your nose will also have some swelling which will disappear after about six months.

The final result of the reshaping will only be visible after you have healed completely.

It is not advisable that you do any strenuous activities for three to six weeks after you have had the procedure.

You can return to normal social activities within two to three weeks if no visible signs are noticeable after having surgery.

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