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Gone are the days when we had to lug a huge amount of photographic equipment around to be able to take #beautifulpictures which we would then paste the photographs into an album. This would be brought out now and then, very occasionally I might add.

If you had a video camera back then it was also a mission, nothing like the way we take most photographs and videos with mobile phones which seem to be permanently on hand, or in hand, whichever you prefer.

For goodness’ sake, not in the back pocket of your jeans. We all know what happens to it then.

My husband was a very keen photographer, taking numerous weddings and other events. He had a dark room and pictures hanging from a string, or wires, strung across the room.

Woe betide you if you entered the room at the wrong time and let in the light. It was a big production.

All this meant that when we moved from a house into an apartment with much less space, many photographs were turfed out.

Some of them were people I had never seen before, so that was no problem. The problem was the decision of which of the others to keep and which to get rid of. Making this decision and then carrying out the dastardly deed took a very long time.

Eventually, it was done but I still sit with many albums and bags of photographs. Now and again I go through them and they bring back so many memories, which is what they are there for.

I thought this would be a good thing to show my husband but he doesn’t understand anything about them or recognize anyone. So I shall just have to indulge myself when the mood strikes.


Aren’t you in awe of the strides that have been made in the world of technology? I am. It never ceases to amaze and thrill me.

It is wonderful to know that the children of today, most of whom have mobile phones and are tech-savvy, can take beautiful pictures of the world around them. Their friends and whatever else that interests them.

The floral kingdom of the Western Cape

With the click of a button, you can take a picture, and then with another couple of clicks, you can send that picture to anyone, anywhere in this wonderful world we live in.

Now I am sharing these pictures with anyone in the world who wants to open their eyes to the beauty of another country.

When you look at this picture you will be transported to the floral kingdom of the Western Cape.

In Spring the countryside all over the Western Cape and up into Namibia comes alive with this amazing beauty.

People from all around the world come to visit at this time to view this amazing spectacle. Make sure to go out on a sunny day when the flowers are open.


My husband’s lovely camera has now been commandeered by yours truly and I am loving it. Thankfully it is not too complicated. So when my phone runs out of power, I switch it up and move on to the Nikon.

This happened to me when I was at Hermanus for the Hermanus Fynarts Festival. My poor phone worked overtime and eventually, I had to return to my accommodation and fetch the Nikon to carry on getting great shots for my blog.


Wildebees - don't mess with them

Wildebeest are extremely dangerous, one of the many reasons not to get out of the car when driving in a game park.

When my Dad turned Eighty, we took my parents to the Kruger National Park to celebrate his birthday.

This was a long drive from them, all the way from Cape Town. So, en route, we stopped off at Dad’s sister Myra and her family on the farm in the Transkei for a few days.

It was also Auntie Myra’s birthday. She always said she got a baby brother for her fourth birthday, and that was Dad.

We decided not to stay in the Kruger National Park but rather to stay at Merry Pebbles which is outside of Sabie. It was perfect as the heat in that area can be intense. Fortunately, they have two lovely big swimming pools which we use every day after going into the Park to see the animals.


The swim and a beer shandy cooled us off after all the driving, and oohing and aahing about the animals we saw.

It was a trip of a lifetime, and we would not have missed this experience for the world.

By giving my parents the pleasure of going to the Kruger National Park, which they had not experienced before, we also had a marvelous time.


Since childhood, I have had a passion for trees and flowers.

Perhaps it is the monkey coming out in me. My mother always said I was a little monkey.

She would be busy in the house and someone passing would call out,” Come quickly, your baby is up the tree.”

Sure enough, I would be way up in a tree and Mom would have to leave me to get down on my own as she could not stand heights. I was very little at that time.

Thankfully, I had a younger brother who was also mad about climbing trees, and both of us would perform tricks, much to my Mother’s horror.

Eventually, she just gave up on us until the day I was making a treehouse using the wooden pallets our furniture had been packed into when we moved up to Zimbabwe.

Yes, they used wood then, not cardboard as they do now. The pallets were such fun for us to make things out of.

Anyway, I was trying to tether a rope to a nail on the corner of the pallet, when it tipped and I landed on my head, underneath the tree, and passed out.Another gorgeous tree

What a lot of consternation that caused! We all got over it, thank goodness.Beautiful trees















Now just look at these beauties. Who can resist them?


One of Chris's revamped gardens

Clivias lit up my the sunshine












Both my parents instilled a love of plants in their children, especially the girls. I think my brother was put off as he helped with the cutting of the lawn. It was not something my Dad expected his daughters to do.

Strange thinking in those days, especially as I played more with my brother and his friends, in the bush than with my sisters.

Imagine thinking that girls should not mow the lawn. How things have changed.

There are many gardening chores that I have done and still do, which would horrify my Dad.

If you want a great garden there are things that need to be done. Whether it is collecting rocks and building a rockery, laying a pathway, digging a river and pond. All good exercise and rewarding work.

Certainly, now that I am a little older, my son is a great help to me with the heavy work.

It has been lovely visiting my sister-in-law in Riebeek Kasteel at the retirement complex and seeing the changes to the gardens.

One of the newer residents, Chris, has taken over the gardens and they are going to be spectacular.

Years ago I took my Garden Club out to see some of the gardens there, but when Chris is finished and they have time for the plants to grow, we will have to organize another trip, and I am certain the ladies will take more BEAUTIFUL PICTURES of the revamped gardens.

They are going to be truly lovely. There are still a few of the gardens to be done.

The people living in the cottages are so thrilled at the changes as this is all getting a bit too much for them to handle.


Rocky Beach

It doesn’t matter where you go, make sure you have plenty of power left in your mobile phone or take along a camera so that you can take your own beautiful pictures.

You just don’t know what beauty you will find just around the next corner.

Please don’t think they are just for selfies.

The wonderful memories your #beautifulpictures will evoke make it well worth any effort you may go to.


A very special thank you, to my sister-in-law, Hazel. Some of these beautiful pictures came from her many caravan trips with her beloved, late husband, Attie.

Jill Alexa

Jill of all Trades. Master of Many. Too busy to die.


  1. Beautiful pictures indeed. I too am fascinated with all the advancements made in photography.  I recall the days were my parents would be buying picture frames, because we needed to frame actual printed pictures! Now that is no longer the case – its all mobile, in the palm of your hand, and can be made available to anyone in the world anytime. I do miss the old physical cameras, and I think there is something beautiful about them that can never be replaced.

    • Hi Mark, I totally agree with you about the cameras being special. I love using my husband’s camera. As he is no longer able to use it due to his disability, I am making full use of it.

      Thank you for reading my post, and for the comments.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jill, thank you for sharing all of these beautiful pictures. I personally like the pictures of nature (especially garden and trees) because it have so many colors in one shot. The beauty of mother nature is indeed amazing and you (and your husband) are very lucky to capture those beauty. Any personal favorite from all of the photos you’ve both takes so far? Thanks

    • Hi Alblue, One of my great loves is trees. So when I see a really stunning one I always want to stop and take a picture. Unfortunately, there is not always a good and safe place to stop.

      All of nature is beautiful to me. That is why I love photographing it and remind myself of the places I have enjoyed visiting.

      With thanks,


  3. You know one day when I finally have my financial freedom and don’t have to work so hard I want to be a full time traveller. O have always been in love with the world and going to new places and I want those memories to stay.

    So here is what I’m going to do, I’m going to roam the world and in the process create a travelling blog and take pictures for my blog and for the memories. I think and I’m pretty sure i will enjoy taking pictures of the oceans and the sun sets and watery bushes.

    I think what will make me Happy, from all this y9ubwrotr I just realised I’m in love with taking pictures

    • That is a great ambition, Donny. I wish you all the best with it. Do it now while you are young.

      Life is to be enjoyed and traveling is a great teacher.

      Wishing you all the best,


  4. Great pictures Jill,

    My wife is an avid ‘photographer’ I think in the same vein as yourself.  Just take the photo with whatever device you have and enjoy the results.  I love sitting through her phone and looking at them all (I think becuase I am usually there as well).

    I took interest in your post in regards to technology..  Nic used to have a massive Canon SLR that she dragged everywhere, now she simply uses her iPhone.  I know avid photographers would frown but the photos are just as good.  Granted she knows the settings but still – technology has come a long way.  We had some family photos done recently and the photographer took most with her professional Nikon but intermittently also used her iPhone.  When they all came in on the USB stick, I couldn’t tell the difference.

    Thanks for the post – I really enjoyed your photos


    • Hi Paul, 

      Technology really has come a long way. When I go on holiday in a week’s time, I am not sure whether or not to just take the phone. My only worry then is that one has to keep charging it. On second thoughts, the camera is coming along too.

      Thank you so much for sharing you and your wife’s story of her love of photography.

      All the best,


  5. Hello Jill,

    It really is amazing how fast the technology grow and improve. And one of the most popular aspects of modern technology is photography. You have posted very beautiful and eye catching photos in this article. You truly have a talent of capturing them whether it is from your phone or your husband’s Nikon. And the stories related to some of the pictures are always a welcome. All in all this article is very interesting and a fun read. 🙂 

    • Hi Anjali, 

      Thank you for saying such lovely things about my photography and blog. I really do appreciate it.

      Wishing you all the best,


  6. Hi Jill,

    You don’t take a photograph, you make it. – Ansel Adams

    The pictures you shared are a great treat to my eyes and thanks a lot for sharing. Recently I started to learn about photography from my friend, who is a professional photographer. So your article means a lot to me.

    To be honest, I kept looking at many of the pictures you shared for several minutes and your pictures made my day. Once I read, A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.

    Through your pictures, I can see your love and passion for photography. I really enjoyed the content & pictures.

    • Wow! Paul, Thank you for your great comments. I do hope you enjoy your photography lessons and we shall be able to see your beautiful photos in your blogs too.



  7. Thanks for sharing your vibrant pictures and your special memories that goes along with it. Taking pictures is a great interest because it shows modern artistry. It’s good for the mind and boosts creativity. To be honest, i am fond of looking into pictures especially if it’s landscape and the nostalgic old ones. There’s something about it that creates stories in your mind. I haven’t tried taking my own pictures of anything around me for artistic purpose. I don’t think I am good at getting the right angle or even the proper lighting for that matter. I am satisfied looking at them in vibrant colors or black and white. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi MissusB, You should really give it a try. It is so rewarding and very useful for putting in your own blogs. That way you get just the right picture for telling your story.

      All the best, Jill

  8. You seem to be a nature-lover with all the beautiful pictures of nature you shared here in your article. I, too, is a nature-lover! I love riding my motorcycle roving around the countryside just watching the green meadows to relax and break free from my stressful work. Maybe next time I travel, I’ll bring my mobile phone that’s equipped with a 13-megapixel camera and start a photoblog like yours.

    • Hi Gomer, That is a great idea. It is a great way to spend a day. Looking for photo opportunities and then being able to use them in your blogs. I am indeed a lover of nature.

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