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No one gets married with a divorce on their mind. Despite that, divorce is one of the scourges of society today. It takes some time to learn how to move on after divorce.

Going through the emotional distress of finding out that either you or your spouse doesn’t want to remain married is sad enough, but when your partner strays it is even harder to bear the anguish.

AFTER DIVORCE The feelings of betrayal, self-doubt, and outright anger can cripple you for some time.

If you have been completely oblivious to the fact that your spouse is having an affair and wants out of the marriage, there are so many things to consider, and with the shock, and your fragile state of mind at that time it is so easy to make far-reaching errors of judgment.




For anyone who reads this post who might be in this position AFTER DIVORCE or knows someone who is, here are a few tips that will hopefully be helpful. These could take a bit of the burden off your shoulders and help you think rationally about how you are going to manage after the divorce goes through.

Be sure to contact a good Divorce Law Firm such as Tampa Divorce LawyerTampa Divorce Lawyer, which is a firm that deals in divorce and Family Law. They will be able to put your mind at rest about the legalities of your Divorce.

When you call the Lawyer for an appointment he/she will advise what will be required should you need to take any paperwork along.

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on the family finances, this is a good time to take a look at bank statements and any other paperwork you can get your hands on. This could be useful to the lawyer, especially if you think things could become difficult between you and your spouse on the financial side of things.

Once you have seen the Lawyer they will be able to take a lot of the burden from your shoulders, be understanding and compassionate.

When one has had a heartbreak through the breakup of marriage, seeking a counselor might be another thing that you will find helpful.

Dr. Mark Banschick M.D. wrote an e-book “The Intelligent Divorce” which was featured in the Huffington Post. There are many tips there that could help you AFTER DIVORCE as you seek to accept what has happened and give you the courage to move forward with your life. Dr. Banschick also runs an online course, you can check it out at www.FamilyStabilizationCourse.com


  • Time to mourn
  • Work through your feelings
  • Learn to like yourself again
  • Dare to be alone
  • Share your feelings
  • Re-discover who you used to be

It is important to give yourself time to become the confident woman you deserve to be.

#Join a club


There are so many clubs to join, gardening, art, sewing, running, tennis, and so many more. Whatever interests you.

This way you will meet a number of new people who will accept you just as you are.

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally challenging experiences that one can go through in life. The end of a marriage can be overwhelming, and stressful and can leave you feeling lost. However, it is important to remember that life does go on, and there are ways to move forward and make the most of your new life.

The first step towards moving onAFTER DIVORCE is to give yourself time to grieve. Try not to suppress your emotions, but instead allow yourself to feel them and process them in a healthy way. It’s okay to feel sad, angry, or confused – these are all normal emotions after a divorce. Reach out to family and friends for support, and consider seeking professional help if you feel like you need it.

Once you have allowed yourself to grieve, it’s important to focus on your own well-being. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. This could involve joining a new hobby, taking up exercise or meditation, or even treating yourself to a spa day. Do things that make you feel happy and confident, and remember that self-care is not selfish.

Moving on after a divorce can be a long process, but it is possible. It’s important to remember that healing takes time and that everyone’s journey is different. Above all, be kind to yourself and remember that you are not alone.


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