Enjoying exercise

Well, #what’shealthandwellness to you? I am sure you will all have your ideal health and wellness goals and ideals.

To me, it is being able to live a full and interesting life, having the ability to move freely without pain. Partake in any exercise plan I choose. Eat wisely and well.

#Things to do which were easy as a childDo you recall all the exercise you got as a child and being able to eat just about anything? Sure some of us were picky eaters. I was convinced that I would die if I ate peas or sweet potato, both of which I am very partial to now. There are a number of people I know who still don’t eat peas as they don’t like the feeling of them in their mouth.

My father-in-law had a very sensitive mouth and could not eat most fruit or tomatoes due to the acid and the reaction to these foods. Rather, sad, I could not imagine not eating fruit.

As children living in the country we had to make our own entertainment and we were very active children.

My mother always sent us outside to play, with four children, I am not surprised by this and am so thankful that she did. Of course when we were at school, homework had to be done first, then we were free until suppertime.

There was not a tree in the neighborhood that hadn’t been tested out and climbed as far as we could go.

We were also fortunate to live opposite the bush and had endless paths to traverse, seeking adventure.

Enormous anthills to turn into forts. We sometimes tunneled into them, much to by mother’s horror. She was convinced they would collapse on top of us. This did not happen, ants construct their homes extremely well.

Many of us are of an age where climbing trees is not an option, I am fortunate to have a young grandson who insists that I do indeed climb trees with him, as long as they are large, and strong enough to hold me.

LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE #Perfect spot for meditation

Taking time out to meditate and just letting peace fill your soul helps to keep the balance one needs to enjoy every moment.

If you are constantly thinking of work related issues, or problems which you may be facing your mind is not at rest. This makes it impossible to –

  • take time just to breathe,
  • accept your situation,
  • put things into perspective
  • de-stress
  • feel calmer

Find the perfect quiet place in which you feel comfortable.

My perfect place to meditate is in nature, and while I was away in Port Alfred I was taken to this beautiful outdoor sanctuary.

It is often used as a wedding ceremony venue but it was so peaceful and with the sun filtering through the tree tops, felt like the ideal spot to meditate.

The only sound was made by an occasional bird twittering.

CONSIDER THE MANY OPTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO HEALTHY EATING#Great Liquidized fruit and vegetable juice made by Lauren

The battle of the bulge is an ongoing one. With so many diet plans it should be easy to find one that you feel comfortable following, but we all can attest to the fact that sticking to a diet is not easy.

A friend once said she was on the sea food diet, the more she sees the more she eats.

Finding the plan that suits your lifestyle, and also has a wide variety of healthy foods to choose from is crucial, if you want to stick to it for life.

Many people are talking about the benefits of fasting but that would not suit everyone. I have seen how well fasting for 15 hours a day has worked for some people but have not tried it out.

What I do find helpful in loosing weight is to drink healthy home made, freshly liquidized fruit and vegetables with added ginger, turmeric, and Ceylon cinnamon.

This is filling and healthy option, and can be a meal replacement without one feeling as though you are starving to death.

An eating plan I have found works for me is T L C for Weight Loss – Well-being.


Keeping yourself as fit and well is of paramount importance, as this will impact your future life. Your need for medical attention.

According to Medical Experts, exercising has the ability to decrease your risk of Type 2 diabetes, Stroke and Cancer. Now if that great news doesn’t make us take action then I don’t know what will? #Cooper, catching a good wave

Here are few ideas I have which hopefully will be of help to your choosing your own path.

  • Surfing – gives you an overall workout, time in the fresh air, and is a great pleasure for those who love the water. Remember apply sun-screen regularly.
  • Swimming – another sport which gives one a good workout, especially if you do endurance swimming. For most of us however completing a few laps works well.
  • Water Aerobics – Is a fun way to exercise in a group. However, be aware that as you are working against the resistance of the water, you may not always feel you are working out, and it is easy to overdo it and can injure yourself if not careful,
  • Cycling – Cycling is a great favorite as this can be done with a friend or loved one. Watch out for traffic and traffic laws when out on the bike. Mountain biking is very popular (a dangerous, if I might add), if you are an adrenaline junkie, this is the right sport for you. Wear the correct gear for protection.
  • Walking – With a purpose, not strolling along. Wear the best footwear you can afford, as your feet take a beating all day and every day. This is a great way of exercising either in a group or with someone special.
  • Running – Best foot forward in the best shoes possible. Sunscreen is a must, even on cloudy days. In fact this applies to all outdoor activities.
  • Sport – So many choices. Follow your passion and enjoy.
  • Working out at the gym – When working on the variety of gym equipment available, ask for advice on the correct way of using the piece of equipment if you aren’t sure. Avoid injury. The Instructors are usually very well versed on what each piece of the equipment is for and how it should be used. There are so many benefits of working out. Muscle strength is so important, especially as we age.
  • Pilates and Yoga – thought I would put these two together as knowing there are difference, there are also similarities. Taking exercise at a slower pace would suit almost everyone. It is best for you to try them out to sea which you prefer.


This post has hopefully made you think of ways in which you can improve your overall health and well being.

There are so many positives in keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Wishing you all happy Wellness Year. Yes I made that up myself.

Jill du Preez

Creative Entrepreneur ● Seamstress | Quilter | Artist | Published Author | Creative Promoter of Emerging Artists


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