Scholarship Application – Tips and Hints

Scholarship Application

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It is one thing to bring children into this world, and as amazing as it is to have children. it is a huge responsibility to get them through their schooling ready to take on all the world has to offer. Obtaining a scholarship to further one’s education can be all it takes to enjoy success in a chosen field of learning.

Not every family is able to set aside the funding necessary to send their children to college after completing their initial schooling.

This can mean heartbreak for a child who has worked hard and enjoyed a successful school career and therefore would love to further her education.

It is the responsibility as a parent to seek every avenue to enable the child to reach her dreams and this is where a scholarship from Nancy Etz would be the answer.

Scholarship Application – Tips and Hints

Scholarship Application - Tips and Hints

Here are some Tips and Hints that you may find helpful when applying for a Scholarship.


This is the first impression the person reading the form will have of you, so take the time to make sure the Application form is filled out correctly and neatly.

Answer all the questions asked, truthfully.  If, you are someone who dislikes filling out forms, make a photostat copy of the original and work on that one first which will give you the confidence that the original will be perfect.


There is a possibility that you will be asked to write an essay to give them an idea of why you feel you deserve to be awarded a scholarship.

Take time to do this as it will give you more of an opportunity to let them know you as a person.

They will be impressed that you took the time to do this presentation, as not all potential applicants will do so.  Stick to the word limit.

Write about the activities you have been involved with, your accomplishments, what hobbies, sports you enjoyed.

If you are particularly keen on sports and are hoping this is your best way in
you have to highlight your achievements, especially if you are looking for a football scholarship.

It is best to not just show what you’ve done, but also how you intend to progress and how you would benefit from continuing the sport in a college setting.

It’s worth taking time over this, so you can articulate yourself correctly, but if you think there’s nothing for you to improve on, you
will need to show that you are immersed in the world of the sport.

Now is the ideal time to conduct some extra research, for example, read about Stephen Troese Jr‘s thoughts on college football workouts or the state of the current roster of players.

Celebrating winning a scholarshipDEMONSTRATION –

Make sure that you are investment-worthy.

They will want to know what grades you achieved. What you participated in, or took any leading role in the school.

Were on any committees, became a prefect or head girl,  for instance.

What were your main interests?

Were you a member of a choir, or drama group?

While you are writing, you will find wonderful memories come flooding back which will give you more to tell about in your essay.

Write a really good motivation essay, don’t leave anything out that you deem important.

Proofread it before sending it.  It would be offputting to find spelling or grammatical errors in the essay.

Again, I emphasize, stick as close to the word limit as possible.


After reading what you have written in your essay, it will become apparent that you are indeed a dedicated scholar, worthy of being awarded a scholarship.


Now that you have completed the forms, taking the time to write your motivational essay, please ensure that you get everything submitted in time.

By completing the application and submitting it on time, could be one of the most important things you have ever done.  Winning a Scholarship could be totally life-changing.


Once you have attained the Scholarship, it is now time to put your head down for the number of years necessary to achieve your goal which is graduation.

It is time, well spent to become the empowered woman you dreamed of becoming when you applied for the Scholarship.


Jill Alexa du Preez

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