5 Ways SMS Marketing can Benefit Artists

Ways SMS Marketing can Benefit Artists

5 Ways SMS Marketing Can Benefit Artists

Whether you paint, write, crochet, or sing, your art is your trade. That is why you depend heavily on your patrons, and the more stable your clientele base, the easier it will be for your brand to prosper.

Artists are seldom at home engaging with their clients on their PCs. And that is why mobile ads and other means of communication are used.

While you may be focusing on email and social media marketing, you’re forgetting about the most useful tool that customers carry with them all day and every day – their phone.

Your smartphone can allow you to stay connected with clients, offer the opportunity for them to connect with your personality, and update them on your newest works. You can make them feel like they are an important part of your brand.

With mobile marketing and SMS Marketing, artists can achieve the upper hand

With mobile marketing and SMS Marketing, you can gain more customers and retain the ones that are already loyal to your brand.

Most artists experience a communication gap between their clientele and themselves. After all, when you’re elbows-deep into a new project or are on the road, you depend on email and social media.

You don’t always have time to respond to each and every email or keep tabs on every comment you receive on your social media pages.

Once a client feels like they’re more than just a number, they can have conversations on a personal level with you and stay engaged.  And with text messaging, you can achieve that.

Roaming control is another useful feature that enables or disables your mobile data connection, auto-sync, or flight mode, based on the presently active network operator.

It permits you to intercept outgoing calls in specific networks and ask if you wish to allow a call.

Roaming control also supports individual rules for a home network, national roaming, EU roaming, and unknown networks. Free roaming partner networks are supported on some networks as well.

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Five Benefits of SMS Marketing for Artists

Here are a few methods on how you can use SMS Marketing text messages to stay connected to your clientele and attain their interest in your brand:

1. Informing clients about upcoming sales, shows, and special offers

Whether you’re performing locally, are hosting an open house, or are releasing a new book, you can notify your clients via SMS Marketing. You won’t have to worry about emails not reaching them, because this message is delivered straight to their phones.

2. Reminding clients via SMS Marketing of your upcoming events

In between school events, work meetings, and everyday life, customers can forget about events. To ensure they make it to your next show or event, you can send an SMS Marketing text as a reminder, making sure more people show up.

3. Using SMS as part of your marketing plan

While SMS can be useful, remember that it forms part of a larger puzzle. Individuals communicate on various platforms, therefore using SMS for quick reminders, on-the-spot ads and follow-up can complement your already existing marketing tools.

4. Learning more about and connecting with your patrons

An excellent method for keeping your clients interested in you is by collecting data and learning more about what they require and want. SMS Marketing Text messages can be used for sending out short surveys, to assist you with gathering more efficient marketing data quicker.

5. Responding to client inquiries faster

When a customer makes contact to obtain more information about your products, it’s best to respond as quickly as you can to keep them interested. You can use text to respond promptly to inquiries offer that personal touch and boost customer conversion rates.

Have you ever considered SMS marketing as an Artist? How do you keep in touch with your customers and patrons?

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